Friday, September 18, 2009

easily distracted...

I admit it. I LOVE a good yard sale.
Today when I was out hunting, I found something that made my heart skip.
Yes, even more than it usually does when I pull up to a sale.

Usually I can't pull myself away from the goods at hand. But today...was different.

The Spanish-style house was huge and gorgeous.
Not just gorgeous...stunning...actually more like unbelievable!
Now keep in mind...I live in the Midwest.
We don't have houses like this around here. Never.
In Southern California - yes. In Northern Illinois - no.

The grounds were even more lovely than the home.
I am crazy about this building.
naturally weathered wood...
huge flowers spilling out of the window boxes...
a little french sign above the french doors...
I was in l.o.v.e.
Next summer...I am building one in my back yard.

I spotted this gate...and HAD to ask if I could snap some photos. I am pretty sure they thought I was a complete nut...but I don't care. I want NEED a gate like this in my back yard!

There were gorgeous vintage concrete statues tucked throughout the landscaping. They were incredible!

This one is for all of you that have a playhouse in the backyard the kids have outgrown.
Enlarge the photo...and look closely...see the antique iron bed on the bottom?
Yes, thats right is their OUTDOOR BEDROOM!
Woah!...I want NEED one of those, too!

Seriously...a little netting...tiny white lights...I would never sleep in the house again!

I spent about an hour taking in their lovely gardens.
They are having Part #2 of this sale next week. I guess I better go. I was so wrapped up in snapping pictures around their grounds, I didn't buy a thing!