Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I come from a rather large family...I am the youngest of 8 kids.

No step-siblings, we all have the same parents. I get asked that all the time, so just wanted to clarify. Just one big happy, Midwestern farm family. Question #2 is usually..."Are you Catholic?" Apparently Catholic families are known for being large. Really?? I thought all sorts of religons could have large families. Ugh! But seriously, who the heck asks these sort of questions? I would never. But they are part of my most vivid memories as a child.

(photo courtsey of Style Me Pretty)

My parents have always dimplomatic and fair...even when it came to having children. There are 4 girls and 4 boys in our family. I am way down on the list - number 8 to be exact. I was born 9 years after number 7. I have heard every comment that goes along with that. I should have kept count, but I swear I have been called an "oops" by people that barely know me at least 11,496 times in my life. Ugh! I find no wit or humor in that statement. I am hoping I will someday stop being referred to as "the baby"...maybe when I turn 80 I can finally shake that title.

So this long-winded introduction brings me to the topic of my day...


 I love my sisters, and my life would be so different without them. 3 of us are very close, even though we are far apart in age. One of them lives actually lives right next door to me. Yes - next door. As in our-front-doors-are-100 feet apart. They house next to her went up for sale and my sweet hubby and I snapped it up before it even went on the market. I have entered a new phase in the strage comment section of my life. Now I hear "I could never live next to my sister"...or even better..."we would kill each other if we lived that close". What do I say to that?? Ususally it is just..."that is too bad...we love it!"

Fast forward to this morning. We were hit with 12" of snow last night. I get a call this morning. "Come on over, I'm making pancakes!"...I was there in 2.2 seconds. In my PJs...with bed-head. We yak it up for a while and eat way too much bacon.

Today we may have 5 phone calls back and fourth, but never longer than a couple seconds. I am sure when I go to make dinner tonight I will have forgotten to buy some ingredient. I always do. She always has what I need, so much so she is now referred to as "the store next door"...I love it. Oh, and it helps just a little she has workout equipment, a tanning bed and a hot tub, too!

There are lots of impromptu shopping excursions...and she is always the first one I call when I drive past some really good piece of furniture sitting by the curb that I just have to make mine. The 2 of us jump in the truck and drag the darn thing home without thinking twice. She gets me. If I asked anyone else to garbage pick with me in the dead of night they would have me committed.

Now if only my other sister could buy the house on the other side of me.

So I want to hear from you! Do you have sisters? Do you get along...and best of all...could you live next door to each other?

Wishing you all a fabulous-sister-lives-next-door kind of day.