Monday, January 18, 2010

long weekend...

Well, there have been no exciting blog posts out of me the past few days. I am at a loss for creative ideas.

I am tired.

It has been a looong weekend. My Mom had a little setback...and she is back in the hospital about a week after her surgery. Lets just say a certain "Doctor" doubled one of her error.


How the heck does that even happen??

She was so very sick. My poor mother. Survives raising 8 children, but a pill almost "does her in." (Her words there, not mine.)

But...she is recovering from that little episode I am choosing to dwell on the happy things.

I'm sharing another of my favorite "Mom" photos. It was May 1956. Mom & Dad were on their honeymoon in Florida. They had so little money when they were starting out. I love the thought of them tooling around South Florida in their old Chevy. Driving on the beach...sand on their feet and the wind in their hair.

Life seemed so simple back then.