Friday, April 30, 2010

a tiny preview...

Yesterday definitely what I would call...

"one of those days"

It started out well..I got up early...went to a yard sales for a few hours and found a truckload of fantastic things - but then it started. The downhill slide that makes your wonderful day just totally crash and burn. You know the kind...where you feel slapped in the face at every turn. Ugh.

So let me get to my point. I promised a preview of my goods for my booth at Kane County Flea Market this weekend...and I didn't want to disappoint. But lets just say an unexpected visit to the ER for my sweet man resulted in some stitches...and my photo preview idea to not turn out as planned.

But, I came through - kinda. With a photos of a whopping 7 of the 78 pieces I am bringing to the show
this weekend. I figured it was better than holding out on you completely.

But brace yourself.

You are about to view some of the worst photos in history. Bad lighting. Lots of shadows. And one very dusty floor at my warehouse. To sum it up...I had exactly 10 minutes to snap as many pictures as I could before the goods all had to be loaded into not one...but two...huge U-haul trucks.

Did I ever tell you this 'painting-furniture-for-your-job' thing was glamorous? If I did - I soooo lied.

But I love here we go.

I am totally crazy, flipping out in love with this H-U-G-E ornate frame. I just finished mounting a mirror in it...and it is stunning. Seriously. I have tons of mirrors for this show, all shapes sized and colors, but this one is just over-the-top!

And the desk...that old girl was rescued from the office at an old horse farm. The drawers were full of old ledgers from the 1950s. Those will be available at my booth at Junk Bonanza this September.

Wouldn't you have been just over-the-moon to have a bed like this as a little girl?? It has wide wood rails, too. So pretty...this one is a full size, but I have 4 twin beds and one more full size coming with me, too!

The desk on the left has a drop front- and the inside is full of little cubbys. Looks a little "Pottery Barn" to glad I chose those handles for it.

And the bookcase...well, I never seem to be able to bring enough of those. I seem to sell They must be hard to find...hmmmm.

There are actually 4 of the chairs on the left. Oh, and there is a matching chair with arms that I have priced separately. I have a dining table, too.

The desk is soooo cute! It is curved...and I had a glass top made for it, too! It dates from the 1940s and is solid Mahogany. (don't freak out wood lovers - it was way beyond being able to be refinishd when I found it.) I have 7 or 8 desks going to this show. Not as many as usual, but I just couldn't seem to squeeze another one this month. But like always, I will be taking custom if there is something you are looking for drop me a line.

I wish I could have photographed more for you! I will try to snap some pics at the show Saturday.

I can't wait to meet all your girls that emailed to tell me you will be at the show! Remember, I will be in the Arena Building...right on the main isle. I have 4 booths so you kinda can't miss me and the sea of furniture.

If you are the praying kind...please add a little thought in for me this weekend...there is a chance of rain! Yikes!

Oh, and for my annoncement I mentioed the other day...hopefully later today. Just ironing out a few check back!

Have a great weekend, girls!


  1. I am in love with that frame!! It is gorgeous! Everything is just beautiful. I hope your loved one is doing better. Have a great show and my prayers are with you for no rain!


  2. I'm praying for your weekend, Mary! Your furniture looks fabulous and thinkin' about going to Junk Bonanza! Woohoo!

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. Oh there are so many beautiful pieces here! Love the desks and the drop front cabinet. They look wonderful done up.

  4. Fantastic furniture!! The frame is out of this world!

  5. With all that bummerness going on you still managed to photograph beautifully and love all your work! Amazing pieces! ~lulu

  6. Hope it's not too serious for your husband, and no your floor doesn't look at all dusty! Beautiful pieces here, love the bed. Hope the sale goes well.

  7. I could possibly kill for the frame...pity I live in another country!!!!! Your pieces look amazing but please don't tell me a piece is solid mahogany I want to grab it strip it back and french polish it back to bad is that tee hee !!! Best of luck with the show and hope the stitches did the job.

  8. Will be praying...and praying for no rain too!

  9. Whatever happened to your poor husband can't be good. 4 booths? My goodness you are busy. It all looks fantastic. Wishing you a great weekend with BIG sales.

  10. I'm sorry to hear things have been difficult and that your husband was hurt. Prayers and well wishes that things improve greatly for you both.
    As always your work is beautiful. I have chairs like those (and a table and hutch)but am to chicken to paint them! lol I'm sure you'll have much success!

  11. boohoo
    I'm missing all the fun

  12. Sorry to hear about your hubby....ouch! Anyway I thought your pictures were great and that mirror, omg that won't last long. Hope you have a fantastic sale.


  13. Sorry about your day and your hubby...sending you a great big hug! Okay, I soooo want to come to your show, these are amazing! Good luck and I can't wait to hear all about it! xoxo

  14. OH my - how I wish I could be there. Come to Utah!

  15. Have a GREAT show, your painted furniture is inspiring! That HUGE mirror looks amazing!!!

    Best wishes,

  16. That first desk with the silver handles is perfect...well...actually...everything looks amazing...sigh...why couldn't you live closer :o)

  17. Mary everything looks so pretty, you did a wonderful job, I hope you get photos of your booth cause I am sure it will be smashing!! :)

  18. How exciting Mary...I've got to get up there one of these weekends:) You are so wonderfully talented so talented!!! Have a great successful weekend:)

  19. You are one talented lady! It all looks gorgeous. I know it will clear out right away!

  20. Oh, I hate "those days"! Hopefully, your weekend makes up for it, weather and all!

  21. You have the most beautiful pieces! Love all of it. Hope you had a junktastic weekend! jojo

  22. Love your blog. I just became a follower. Please enter me for your giveaway.