Monday, November 8, 2010

thank you...thank you...THANK YOU!!

Whew! What a week it has been! I have to start this post off saying THANK YOU as loud as I can to all of my wonderful blog friends out there. I know all of your well-wishes and prayers for my sweet Mom helped her get through a tough time after her surgery.

I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me that so many of you left well-wishes for her last week. I just know a 'certain someone' was listening...because she is home. And happy. And on her way to recovery. That, my friends, makes me a happy girl!

We had a scary couple of days right after the surgery, but thankfully all turned out ok thanks to the all her wonderful doctors and nurses. I think I may have a few more gray hairs but things like this really put life in perspective and as strange as it may sound, I think a little reality check like this may be good for a person now and then. I need a little reminder now and then of how quickly time goes by.

(via Country Living)

So today, I am focused. I am going to accomplish some things on my to-do list. I think its going to go something like this.

- Finish painting a white nightstand for a client.

- Finish a black buffet for a client.

- Finish a black bookshelf for a client.

- Finish a white wall mirror for a client.

( you see a trend here?? I am a little behind.)

- Deliver said nightstand, bookshelf and mirror.

- Photograph some more things so I can FINALLY get my Etsy shop open for the season.

- Clean bathrooms.

- Do laundry.

- Figure out what the heck is for dinner.

- Finish building out the bookcase we are installing where a doorway used to be.

- Start priming said bookcase.

- Take my auction finds from the weekend to my warehouse.

- Catch up on all my favorite blogs.

- Finalize details for a giveaway I am going to host this week.

- Breathe.

Happy Monday, all. I am off to get to work! This is what my 'to-do' list looks like every day. It explains the lack of before-and-after photos and the fact that I am yet to get my online selling underway now that show season is over. But, I am working that way...slowly!

And did you catch the part about the giveaway?? Coming this week, so don't miss it! 

Speaking of giveaways...have you seen what Jen Rizzo's blog today? Her new Etsy shop...Found and Made is open and stocked with some of the most gorgeous handmade items I have ever seen! Check it out! She is having a giveaway, too! Go over and take a peek!