Wednesday, January 23, 2013

our city...our story

It feels like forever since I have posted! Since my new brick-and-mortar shop opening at the end of November I have been one busy girl! The shop has had amazing success, and I cannot THANK everyone enough for all their love & support since I opened the doors! Each time I am open for one of my sale events, it is such a fun time! 3 days full of friends, music, laughter and shopping! 

Good times!

I have something new at the shop this week I thought deserved a little shout-out. I know these are specialized for my city of Rockford, IL...but I know I have some readers out there with ties to my city so thought I would share. 

Pablo Korona is the man behind the video series, Our City Our Story. The series showcases some of the really great things about our city through a series through web-videos he has produced. The are beautiful to watch, even if you have never visited Rockford!

My personal fav if about Mainframe. A local artist named Jeremy Klonicki makes the most amazing light fixturing and scuplture out of salvaged materials. His work is nothing short of AMAZING! Really, if you like things made from salvaged material like I are going to LOVE it. Promise. Just in case you missed is the link again. {wink...}

Anywhoo...Pablo needs to support making these beautiful videos...that is where these gorgeous necklaces come in.

Each necklace is made from a vintage trasit-token from Rockford and has been hand-crafted by my friend and local jewelry artisan, Mona Lindvall. {You can also find Mona's jewelry at Urban Farmgirl and on Etsy!}

She has backed each token with an authentic copper Wheat penny, chosen for its symbolism of prosperity. Something out city once had, and desperately needs again. Each has a sterling silver, hand-aged chain and solid-copper ring. 

100% of each sale of the necklaces goes to support Our City, Our Story so Pablo can afford to continue telling the stories of what makes our city great! 

So if anyone out there loves Rockford, or wants to support the love of out city...I would love to pop one in the mail to you! They are $45...shipping is on me. :o)

Isn't it great to see someone willing to use their talents to showcase the good in others? That is what makes Pablo's videos so can feel the passion for bringing the love of our town back to what it once was. I am so lucky to be able to support him...just another things that makes having my little shop all worth it. 

So happy to be back in blogland again...I have missed you all! See you again on Monday with another post! The shop is open this weekend, so if you are in the area pop in and say Hi! 


  1. Big love to Mona for creating these treasures. And Mary more love. Thank you for forming this partnership

  2. Cool necklaces!Still planning a visit soon!

  3. those token necklaces are so amazing. thank you for sharing. i may have a diy idea in mind as i have 2 tokens from our city's transit system..many years ago. plus that fact that i love making myself necklaces made with unique finds. i'm sure they won't be quite as "polished" as mona's though!

  4. Miss You, write to us more often....;)
    Love hometown passion, you can feel it in your words girl! Good Stuff!!

  5. Those are really cool and what a cool story too. And I'm so happy for you that your shop has been such a success!

  6. Oh so happy for you & your shop- I can absalutely relate, so much work-but absalutely love all the work-stress-the people-im entering my 3rd year- wish you much sucess-thank goodness for blogs-facebook-pinterest or many of us wouldnt know about all the great little shops out there.

  7. I love city pride. We have something similar on our local PBS station, making us appreciate Chicago. Waiting for a warm up to visit your shop. So very happy for your success.

  8. I got my master's from Rockford College, so I definitely want to check out the videos. Sure hope to get to your shop one day!

  9. that is fantastic! love seeing things like this.

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