Monday, April 15, 2013

just a peek around the shop...

Happy Monday, everyone! 

I just thought I would stop by and show you a few photos from around the shop. These were from a previous sale event, but thought I would just give you a little peek into what goes on around our world. 

This time around the shop was very colorful and happy! It was right before Easter and we were craving color! Did I ever mention that we totally tear the shop down and restyle it before each opening?? It is crazy - but so FUN! We bring in tons of new things, change all the displays keeps it fresh and exciting. And I LOVE the change! Sometimes it is more rustic, other times more industrial, and like this time...more cottage-y and colorful!

This gorgeous pale blue dresser is looking for a new home...can you believe that gorgeous blue paint is the original, chippy finish?? Loooooove!

18 drawers of aqua industrial goodness...and do you see that buffet hiding on the right side? My favorite piece EVER! I have painted probably thousands of pieces of furniture in the last 13 years, but this one was just so unique & beautiful! I will show you tomorrow where it lives, now. 

At Easter we had these fun paper cones...

This bookcase was repurposed from a french provincial dresser that was missing its drawers. It sold from Facebook before I even opened the doors on Thursday...

The dining set was a hit, too. The arrangement in the middle found a new home, too - it is made from 100% Alabama cotton. Love. 

The pillows are always popular at the shop! Cozy down inserts...zippered covers - and I am happy to ship, too!

I try to post preview photos on Facebook the Wednesday night before we open. Most of the time it happens. {smile...} Who knew being open 2 weekends a month would be more insane than if I was just open every day?! You girls know how to keep me hoppin', thats for sure! I am off to find more treasures today - and don't forget the shop is open this week! 

Thursday 10-6, Friday & Saturday 10-4!

Hope to see you there!


  1. oh i have to get up there!!!

  2. Every time I see your shop I wish I lived closer!

  3. Loving the spring cottage look! All the soft colors are so pretty!

  4. I'm so happy your shop is such a success, Mary, and I can see why! I WILL get there one of these days!


  5. I want to live in your shop lol it is all so pretty!

  6. Love all the pillows! I just made a few new pillow covers to lighten and brighten up some existing pillows. Glad I got to see some of this in person.

  7. How do I order pillows? They are beautiful! Love everything about your shop! Lovely!

  8. Your shop is so fun and beautiful! This is my ultimate dream! How long have you had your shop? Do you refinish all the pieces in your store?

  9. My guy and I were peeking thru your shop windows last weekend - the shop looks ADORABLE and we can't wait to come back when you're open!!

  10. Ooo, I could live in your shop too! Such beautiful treasures!!

  11. Wish I lived closer - those aqua industrial drawers are gorgeous!!

  12. Love the pictures of your stuff! I will definitely have to make a trip soon... I'm just on the other side of the WI state line. I'm your newest follower! ;) Jill @ Mama Ging

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