Tuesday, August 9, 2011

new things in the shop....finally!!

Just checking in...I know I have been such a bad blogger the last couple of months. Once summer comes, my world goes crazy! I want to give a H-U-G-E THANK YOU to everyone that stopped by my booth at the flea this weekend! You never cease to amaze me with your support of my little biz. You are what keeps me painting in 110 degree heat! I love to see smiling faces when a client finds just the piece of furniture they had been looking for! I am truly humbled that you love what I do...as much as I do.

I was really hoping to snap some pics of the furnitue I brough this weekend. But as soon as the gates flew open it was insane...to say the least! The pieces were flying out of my booth before I could snap a single pic. So....maybe next month I will be able to give you a little snippet of my space at the flea.

Anyway...what I am getting at with this long tale-of-woe about my lack of time to post this summer....is that not only have I been neglecting my blog, but my Etsy shop, too!

I did add a few new things this morning, with lots more to come tonight or tomorrow!

Always one of my favorites...a vintage Big Ben with a beautiful chippy patina!

Vintage bingo numbers...but not just your normal bingo numbers...no sir, these are quite large. Perfect for a project or display!

This birdcage had me doing the "Do I keep this one or let someone else enjoy it" game. I *love* this one...it is just so unique and pretty!

Vintage cow ear tags...and these are paper, too! I never even knew such a thing existed! These were the temporary tags they would use at cattle auctions. I just loved the typography on each card. I hope someone out there has a project just waiting for these beauties! If you need specific numbers, let me know!

Folding wooden measuring sticks...I have one on my desk in front of me as I type this...it holds business cards!

Tarnished silver is always one of my favorite things...I am becoming quite the "hoarder" of this stuff, so someone needs to give this one a home before I do.


Hmmm...what else is coming?? Well, a beautiful large metal tool box in the most GORGEOUS shade of blue (old paint of course), more tarnished silver pieces, french books, antique maps...oh, and a couple of old metal baskets with ruffled liners!

Ok, that is for today girls. I am off to take more pics, do some laundry, clean bathrooms and weed the garden!

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Guess I will have to stalk your shop for those lined wire baskets! Today is my 14th wedding anniversary...they would make perfect "gifts" from my sweetie, don't ya think? :P

  2. Mary, the items in your Etsy look amazing! You have some great finds! How can you ever part with them?? Love the little ol' clock! Andrea @ townandprairie

  3. I'm glad that stuff was flying out the door! Good for you. And, I love all the great things that you are featuring.


  4. My dad used one of those folding measuring stick his entire life! Love 'em!

  5. I LOVE those Bingo pieces!!! What a terrific find!!

  6. Someone should number cookies like the bingo chips...then we could remember how many we ate.

    : )

    Julie M.

  7. *swoon*
    This post is not entirely accurate anymore...I just bought the Big Ben!

  8. awesome finds and beautiful photography!!!

  9. Great stuff Mary! i hope you're having a good summer!

  10. I purchsed a writing/computer desk from you last Kane County fair this month and I absolutely love it! Do you have any chairs that you paint that would go with a writing desk?

  11. Wonderful items! Clocks are one of my favorite things. A new follower.

  12. Going to the next Kane Ct fair in Sept. and wondering if you're bringing back the white chair with the blue and white pattern?....b/c I'm definitely buying it along with some of those ornate frames!

  13. you always have fun treasures!

    thank you for the love today mary. you made my morning :)