Wednesday, August 1, 2012

found: new loving homes

I love it when I hear from a customer that found a piece of furniture in my booth at the flea! There is something so sweet about hearing how much they loved it once they got it home and put it in place! It makes a girl feel good to know her hard work has made someone happy. 

The other day I received a note from Dori from Bell Jar Vintage, one of my very best and favorite customers! Last summer she had  purchased a little gray table and small cabinet from me, and I was thrilled when she sent me a note to let me know she started a blog and had posted about them!

She has shown my Etsy shop such great support, too! Nothing better than getting a big box of goodies ready to ship off...I always wonder what they are going to do with everything once they get it home. Well, finally I am able to see for myself the pieces I found adding a finishing touch to someone's home! 

Last month, we had a HUGE storm blow through the flea! Needless to say, 80mph winds made shopping come to a screeching halt, so I came home with a few things. I posted a few pics I took before the storm hit, and in one of them was a pair of twin beds. My inbox went crazy and the beds found a new home. The person that snagged them was none other than Carol from Redeemed Vintage!

If you have not heard yet, Carol is from the Chicago area and holds invitation-only vintage sales at her home! Hop over to her blog and have a peek at her last sale - there was some awesome stuff to be had! If you would like to be on the list for notification of her next sale, drop her an email!

It was great to hear from these two lovely made my day! 

If you have a quick minute, pop over and tell them give them a quick Hello!  

(Dori has a brand new blog, so I would LOVE it if you would show her some love!)

Have a great day, girls! I am off to distress a big pile of furniture today!


  1. how rewarding to see the new homes of your fabulous finds!

    heading over to these new to me blogs.



  2. That is wonderful Mary - the furniture looks lovely! She did a great job with the photo. I haven't been to the flea market all summer. Crazy I know. ;) Hope you are having a great summer.

  3. Love it all. I must get up there. I wanna go junking too. Ugh life gets in the way of my playing. :)

  4. these ladies have style!!! the pieces were all beautiful on their own, but they made them even more so with their beautiful staging!

  5. Just gorgeous!! :) I have a couple old dressers that I made over with white paint and those same glass knobs-it's is like night and day. I especially love those beds!! I'm going to pop by and check out Carol's website....

  6. I can see why she wanted those beds! They are perfect! I'm glad they get to stay together as a pair. It seems they have been life long friends!

  7. i actually know Dori from High School! pretty small world, huh? love what she got from you. i need to get to one of Carol's sales sometime, Susan told me about her. those beds are awesome!!

  8. beautiful that you are able to see where your little treasures end up and that the new owners can share this with you..what a lovely feeling.
    I love that you are supporting their blogs as well... I too will take a peek
    Bec x

  9. It's always nice when someone appreciates your talents! Love your style...

  10. Hola

    Those twin beds rule, don't they?

    K A Y
    RedBird Vintage Home

  11. Hi, I really like your house . It looks simple yet fabulous and that bed reminds me of my childhood best friend. We used to sleep in the same bed almost everyday when we are kids and I miss her so much. Anyways