Tuesday, November 6, 2012

just do it...

I look forward to this day every 4 years. There is something so special about walking into that little booth and pulling the curtain behind me. I scan the page, then fill in the circles next to the names that I think will serve my country the best. 

I walk away knowing I did MY part. 

I hope you will do yours, too. 

Happy Voting, everyone!


  1. Yes! I love this day too. I'm on my way now :)

  2. YES! Love that American spirit... how blessed we are to have that freedom.

  3. I want the booth... we always do absentee long before the big day... but then I don't get the sticker!! Booo! :)

  4. I so felt so proud after voting this time. Remembering all who fought so we could vote...it makes me sad and makes me happy at the same time.