Thursday, November 29, 2012

today is the day!

I cannot believe it is finally here. It feels like Christmas morning. 

Today is the day my little shop opens for business!

 I am excited yet nervous to see what will come to be after tonight. The shop is stacked and displayed...vintage goods at every turn. At 5:00 I will unlock the doors and hope there will be girls on the other side, ready to laugh, eat a few cupcakes and maybe even shop a little. 

I am excited to have a few of my favorite people along on my little adventure. When the idea of this shop first came to be, I knew immediately I wanted to support other girls that love what I love. I didn't want to fill my shelves with things I just ordered from a catalog and were shipped in from who knows where. I wanted to support those that have always supported me. Girls that love their craft. Love vintage. Fellow bloggers, local artists and etsy shop owners were at the top of my list. 

You may recognize some of these amazing women...and if you are coming tonight, I hope you will support them as well. 

I will do a little feature on them one by one...but if you are local...stop in say 'Hi' to some of them in person. Stacey, Traci and Mona will be at the shop tonight along with one of my favorite friends and bloggers, Susan from Maple & Magnolia

I better run. Lots to do before 5:00. I hope to see lots of smiling faces tonight! And remember, if you can't make it tonight...I am open Friday & Saturday from 10-4!

Want a little sneak peek of the shop today? You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram under 'urbanfarmgirlandco'. I will post a few photos from around the shop as I am working away today!