Thursday, December 20, 2012

IPad GIVEAWAY from FOLK MAGAZINE! this thing on??

It has been a little while, hasn't it? 

Well today I am in and out of power, so I had to bring this blog post to you before it flickers off again! I have some fun more ways than one! First off, I am excited to tell you I have been given the job of my dreams! {Besides vintage shop owner, that is!} I have been hired to be the official 'pinner' for Folk Magazine. Can you imagine? I am so proud to be matched with a publication that believes in so many of the same things I do! And to get to share my love of Pinterest and all things useful and beautiful - well thats just a BONUS! 

Urban Farmgirl & Folk share so many of the same beliefs and hopes for the American way of living. And the eye candy that can be found between the pages...nothing short of amazing!! That is why it is one of my very favorite magazines out there. It is packed with ideas, recipes and focus on keeping the small business dream alive! 

Now onto the really exciting part of this post....did you know 
Folk is giving away an iPad??? 
Thats right, if you pop over to Pinterest via this link, and repin the image for the giveaway, your name will be entered. Easy peasy, right!!? 

AND if you purchase a new subscription {for you or a gift} or extend your current one, your name will be entered a SECOND time into the drawing! You get a gorgeous magazine in your mailbox AND an extra entry to win the iPad! How awesome is that?! 

The subscription is for a FULL YEAR {6 issues} and is only $5.00! I just bought one for each of my sisters and sisters-in-law! Consider the Christmas shopping done in this house!

Ok, remember...go here to PIN...and go here if you want to SUBSCRIBE for a second entry!

Good luck to you, and I hope to see you following along as I pin for Folk


  1. ooooh fun one! And girl... "OFFICIAL PINNER?" That is a dreamy job!!!

  2. Just pinned the image. Fingers crossed and congrats on your new job. If you need an assistant I'm always available. ;)

  3. Congratulations! So many wonderful things are happening for you! Still can't wait to visit your shop! I have heard about beautiful it is!
    I just pinned this and extended my subscription!

  4. This is an awesome give away!!!! I pinned this and also took out a new subscription. Looks like a great magazine. Have a great Christmas.

  5. Hope you'll stop over and see my latest blog post about your shop. A little late but I did post on facebook a while back.
    Can't wait to post a pic of the black drawers I picked up the other day. I love 'em! THX! Graniteware Gal

  6. Thanks for the fun post. I've repinned, ordered a gift subscription for myself and one for my sister for Christmas. Looking forward to visiting your shop in Jan.

  7. Is this still going? Is it too late to enter?

  8. How can I order one of your cute tshirts?

  9. I hope Im not too late. I just pinned and ordered! Super Fun!

  10. Hi, I fell in love with your blog and FB page. I have added you to my blog Please stop by for a visit, and maybe add me to your blog roll thanks Dianne

    P.S., I sent you an email about your great sign Creativity is Contagious.

  11. WOW awesome, this is really good. I also have an iPad Magazine that gives latest reviews of the gadgets and apps, including business apps, educational and more.

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