Monday, July 5, 2010

minnesota or bust...

Girls, I am so stinkin''s ROADTRIP TIME!

This Urban Farmgirl is heading Up North for a few days relaxing and of course I will be turning every junk shop throughout Wisconsin and up to Minnesota up.side.down!

Do you have any idea how many goodies one can find down all those long, winding, tree lined country roads Up North??

It is amazing what treasures the Midwest has hidden away! 

Who knows...I may even knock on a door or two 'American Pickers' style. Watch out Frank & Mike...there is a new girl in town and she knows how flash a sweet smile and ask an old farmer dude if she could look through his old barn. (No offense to Frank or Mike...its are men...and my approach is...lets say...different. So call me if you want me to ride along on your next trip.

(Oh, and Andrea I know you are reading are comin' with me too, of course!) are probably wondering what these crazy photos have to do with my little holiday in the Northwoods....

Well, let me tell you.

Not one. darn. thing.

But, they are from my last little buying trek across the Midwest. You remember, right?? Back in May I breezed through Southern Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa and Kansas. I almost needed a semi to drag home the loads of goodies I scored for my upcoming trek to Junk Bonanza this fall!

But all the loot I came home with...

that was NOT the highlight of my trip.

Lets just say this short time on the long, open road through Kansas was a sweet spot in our little trip.

My sweet man now calls it my 'Clark Griswold moment'.

Now for all of you that have no idea what that means...go rent the 80s movie 'Vacation' with Chevy Chase and you will see what I mean. There is a momentary, imaginary love affair Clark has with Christie Brinkley when they are driving down the highway together. Remember that??

Except I was not so much after the cute young thing behind the wheel.

Even though he was pretty dang cute. Straight out of an Abercrombie ad, actually. The aviator sunglasses did have me swooning a little, I have to admit.

I was just lusting after his truck.

I'll be back in a few days, girls! Can't wait to show you what I find!