Tuesday, June 29, 2010

pendants are finally done!


I've been working like a nut this week, so thank goodness I can finally check one project off the list!

Yes, its true...pendants are finally done! I know, I have been promising forever but they are done and ready to ship!

(My apologies to all of you that have been waiting...and waiting...and waiting!

If you are on my waiting list, drop me an email me to remind me what letter and where to send it. Its been a long week, so I am running low on brain-power!

If you would like one, and you are not on my list, just drop me a note! $15..and that includes shipping within the US. (I will be happy to ship Internationally, too...but would need to charge a little extra.)

Ok now off to the painting and disressing of furniture. Only two more working days until I load up for the show. I have some FABULOUS pieces of furniture for this weekend, so don't forget...Kane County Fairgrounds, Arena Building which is on the main drag right across from the main office.
(I have 6 booths this time - I think I went a little crazy with painting this month!)

Come say Hi!

I will try to get a few preview photos for those of you that have asked, but it just depends on time! I never seem to have enough!