Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my wednesday...

Ahhh....Such a beautiful day today...

79 degrees...not very humid...I love days like this.

Its all about the sunshine!

So I am enjoying that sunshine and pricing things for our annual "is-it-a-garage-sale-or-a-flea-market-on-my-front-lawn" event that will be taking place on Friday.

Our sales are always a little out of control. We have become a little famous in our city for our is so fun! Women come running up telling me they were waiting all summer for the big pink polka-dot sign to go up on the street! (Yes, we even have 7 wooden sandwich boards that are painted hot pink with polka dots telling there where to find  us! Weird, I know!) 

We go all out, a lemonade stand for the kids, my hubs will be grilling burgers and brats for all the girls that come to sell their stuff. Who knew a grage sale could be so much fun!?

I am talking 10 girls that love to shop the mall, junk and pick every barn we can get our hands on...get together with their junk treasures, and to keep from becoming subject of the show "Horders" have an annual sale that would put Niecy Nash and her crew to shame!

I live next door to my sister, so once again it will probably fill both driveaways and cover both of our front lawns...and even though we open at 7:30, people will be here by 6:00 am peeking under the tarps that cover the tables...boy does that bug me! Let me shower, people! Trust me. We will all be happier.

So this is a shout out to the meany antique dealers out there that I knoooow read my blog (said sarcastically, I don't think those crusty old men know what a blog is!): If you show up at 6:00 am trying to beat everyone else to our fabulous stuff, forget it. I won't sell you a single thing until 7:30. And if you try to hide it under a table in a pile, only to later try to get me to take 25 cents for something that says $5...I will send my cute little niece over to retrieve your pile and put it back. (all of that was said with a smile, by the way...)

(all photos via Real Simple, because I never thought to photograph my own junk...and even if I did, it would never look this cute.)

Oh, and back to the subject of sunshine...have you heard Steve Azar's new song??...I am in LOVE.

Total love.

 It is such a sweet song. I hear it is becoming the wedding song of the summer. Take a listen. And yes, it is country. Sorry, this is the only format I could find it in. I was sad to find out Playlist didn't have it so I could not add it to my blog.

(And I will have to go down and mute my Playlist at the bottom of this page before you can hear "Sunshine"...its worth it, I promise.)



  1. Ever get that sinking feeling that you're missing something.....sure wish I lived closer.

    Have an awesome weekend - and take pictures! :)


  2. Wish I could be there! Please don't sell my fan...I have a spot waiting for it! :) Have a great time and make lots of money!!


  3. Oh what a great sale you will have - take pictures! I hate that too - they show up early and get grouchy standing around waiting - counting down the time on their cell phones. If a sale says no early sales - opens at X time - why don't they stick to it? I never get it

  4. I wish I lived close enough to come and shop your sale.

    LOVE your blog.

  5. I would love to be on your garage sale;)

    The song is really beautiful by the way;)
    Love it, love your blog!

    Lovely greetings from Germany...

  6. This sounds just like where I'd like to be. It must be so much fun to put it together with all your friends.

  7. Oh sounds like so much fun!! I wish I could be there!! Is that your house in the background? It's gorgeous!! I LOVE that little porch!! :)

    Have a great day!! Hope you sell lots!!

    Hugs ~ Jo

  8. What a wonderful and fun day you and your sister and friends are going to have. I would love a day like this, I hope the weather is perfect for you all.

  9. oh darn it, I want to be there at 6:01 peeking udner the tarps! That sounds like a blast, enjoy!

  10. I always post no early birds in my ads and the same 2 rotten, sneaky, obnoxious dealers show up every time but now as they get out of their cars I just wave my hands and say "Shoo!". This last time they both stormed off!

    The mother of a friend of mine once told an ornery shopper." I would rather drop it, smash it, stomp on it and set it on fire before I would sell it to you." She was a great old texas red head.....( I have edited what she really said haha)

    Luckily the good people far out weigh the %$#@

    Good Luck!

  11. If I was close I'd so be there!!!!

  12. I would be there too if I could. Have a great sale. And I know what you mean about dealers who show up early and want to give you pennies on a dollar. Like we don't know who they are??!!

  13. I guess I am too late might have taken me a while to fly over!

    Hope it was fun and a huge success.

    Best wishes,

  14. oh! please tell me what size those teal cowboy boots are??!!! I'm serious! We can't find cowboy boots up here in Maine and I REALLY want some! Looks to me like I would buy almost everything on that (those) tables!
    Love it all!

  15. Oh man, this is one sale I will be sorely missing! Hope all goes well!

  16. Ever thought of having a traveling yard sale? :) Wish I could be there!

  17. Makes me want to go yard saling, if that is a word.

  18. My goodness, I love your blog! My mother and I are having a rummage sale this weekend. =)

  19. What FUN!
    What I wouldn't give to be there!

  20. Oh how I would love to be there. I've had some pretty interesting people at my sales over the years. The good thing is I always remember what I price things at so they can't pull that stuff on me.


  21. Sounds like a great event, love the idea of the polka dot sandwich boards!

  22. Ok when can I catch the next flight...I think I am living in the wrong country..I can dream..oh to be there..what treasures I could always have the best stuff Hope you have a great time :) Kym X

  23. oh I bet your sale was amazing!!! Hope you had a fantastic weekend

  24. Wish I could have been there...I'd follow pink polka dot signs anywhere!