Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm going from "before" "after"...

Ummm...anybody still out there?? I figure you have all forgotten about little ol' me since I haven't done a post in a week!

And what a week it has been...

Mother Nature had a serious attitude problem this past weekend. We had storms. And more storms. And wind. And that was some wicked wind she whipped up, let me tell you! I would like to bill Miss Mother Nature for the 6 not-so-cheap and no-longer-beautiful hanging baskets that did not survive her mood swings over the weekend.

Oh, and how can I forget my recent near-death experience with food poisoning over the weekend, too?? Oh yeah, now that was a good time. 33 hours of porcelain-hugging torture. You know what I mean. Everyone out there has either had it...or know someone that has. Its not pretty. I think it will be a loooong time before chicken enters my body again.

While I was recovering I had quite a it of time to think about the endless list of projects I need to get done around our "new" house. Can I call it "new" if this is my third summer in this house and I have yet to really finish decorating a room? I drifted in and out of consciousness, I decided my sunroom was going to be my project of the moment. It is almost there...I just have a couple projects to tackle before I can start the fun part and fill the room. I have a pinky promise with the hubs that I will finsih it - soon. As in check-it-off-the-list-this-goose-is-cooked and we can move on to the next room kind of finished. 

It is my favorite room in the house...but it is just sitting there.

Empty. Lonely looking. Needing some love.

So...I have started to take it from "before" "after"...and hope to be finished in just a few weeks. Oh, and how I can't wait to show you the before. Its a whopper, let me tell you.

Here are the photos that have inspired me so may recognize these photos from a post I did about a month ago...but I fell so in love with the feel of this house I have to bring it into my own.

This photo inspired me to paint my wood walls and exposed brick my favorite shade...'cloud white'...the floors are going to be painted next week - I can't wait! I'll be sure to show you photos. So many of you seem to be interested in painted wood floors, so I will be sure to photograph the play-by-play of how we did it.

This photo has me obsessed with that coffee table. We are going to try to build that one...isn't it just beach heaven??

I only have room for one it has to be perfect. Cozy...comfy...this is a room all about relaxation. When I am out here...I want to feel like this...

Sorry...I know that photo makes no sense...but I love it so it had to make the cut.

 Back to the sofa....

I think Crate & Barrel has the sofa I am going to go with. Down cushions, white is like sitting on a cloud. Sounds perfect to me!

Once I can get the "bones" of the room done, and my sofa arrives...I will be on to the fun part. The accessories and the reveal! I can't wait...stay tuned...I can't wait to show you pics!

Today I am off to my warehouse...I have a round dining table, corner hutch, queen size sleigh bed and a desk all waiting for a bath in white paint. Oh, and for all of you that have emailed...I will have 63 empty white frames for the show next weekend...if I can get them all painted today, that is! So be there early on Saturday, they always go first!

Happy Thursday, girls!


  1. Beautiful photos!!!! And I love the one of the lambs snoozing...makes sense to me. HA!
    Your room is going to be amazing!!

  2. hi mary,

    a beach-dreamy post indeed. love your inspiration pics. the tables are awesome.

    ikea has white slipcover couches. nicely priced, too.

    my youngest looked over my shoulder and likes the sheep.


  3. Sorry to hear you were sick. Looks like you are busy, busy, busy! Can't wait to see your before and afters...those tables are so dreamy!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I have the sofa from Pottery Barn you mentioned. Yes, it's like sitting/sleeping on a cloud. Mine is slipcovered in natural linen. It will be perfect in your living room.
    Love the sheep!

  5. I LOVE that coffee table too!! It reminds me of driftwood. Such a dreamy shade of gray.

  6. Ooooooooh, I am so loving this post! All the dreamy white pictures are just amazing. LOVE the sheep! tooo cute!! That first picture with the white floors and white walls & that little bit of worn wood in the table is simply divine. yum yum yummy. ;)

    Oh, and I am really excited to see how you do your floors. You go first...then I'll go....:)


  7. I can't wait to see your reveal! I love the painted walls and floors in the first pictures. Hubs thinks I'm crazy for wanting painted floors.

  8. I'm glad you are feeling better Mary!

  9. Ikea has a white slipcovered sofa! Ahh, such dreamy, white spaces..I feel calmer just from reading this post!

  10. I have the PERFECT coffee table for you in my shop! It is just like the first one. If you can get to Kentucky, you simply must stop by my shop called LuLu's!
    Love your blog as well.

  11. So sorry to hear you were sick. That really stinks...especially in the summer.

    Your room will be gorgeous. I have no doubt. I really wish I could pull off the all white thing. But what can I say...I'm a color girl. I'm glad the sheep made the cut. Soooo cute. Can't wait to see the afters!

  12. Ooh, dreamy inspiration photos! I just want to climb right in and live there.

    Glad you're feeling better! Good luck with all your projects!


  13. These are awesome inspirational rooms... can't wait to see your sunroom!! And to see how you paint your floors!! I'm in the process of creating a white room on my screened deck... weather cooperating... and it's not!!

    Kendra @ Creative Ambitions

  14. beautiful inspiration! Another ikea mention here...we've been happy with ours:)

  15. I want to some to your storage unit!!! sounds fun!

  16. Oh my goodness thank you for posting those pictures! I have been trying to figure out what to do with our master bedroom for almost a year now! I've had some ideas but nothing I tried was actually coming out how I wanted. I decided I needed a picture to really capture the feel that I wanted and then that would help me stay focused. And the picture you posted today is exactly it! Love it! thanks heaps!

  17. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for sharing all these inspirational photos with us ~ they're gorgeous!! That picture of the sheep is precious! :)
    Can't wait to see your bedroom when it's done!! I'm on pins and needles!!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs ~ Jo :-)

  18. It all sounds heavenly, and that photo of the baby lambs, so sweet!! Can't wait to see the photos of your room...don't leave a girl hanging now ya hear! hope you are feeling back to yourself. muwahhh!

  19. Cannot wait to see your sunroom. I love before and after pics! It's going to be beautiful, I can tell from your inspirations photos.
    wish I could come to a flea market you are set up at, I just love looking at all your stuff. i picked up a handful of frames at a garage sale today - not sure yet what I"ll do w/ them but I love old frames. Some may get painted white, I'm all about white lately:) I just posted my garage sale finds from today on my blog.

  20. Oh I can't wait!!!! Hurry :) Just kidding! Missed you

  21. Can't wait to see the end result! The inspiration photos are great!

  22. So excited for you! I will be checking back to see.I have a Charleston from Pottery Barn in a white slipcover and it is fabulous! Also if you need a new slipcover ever, always on Ebay for a good price.~Cheers Kim

  23. ALL inspiring and lovely!
    Every little bit....
    Even the sheep : )
    Sorry you were ill!
    Hope that you are able to
    prioritize and get down to
    some great projects.
    Then, I can copy you!!!
    xx Suzanne

  24. Whew....I'm glad that you're feeling better! The sheep look quite happy...I'm off for a snooze, myself!

    Have a beautiful weekend, Mary!

    : )

    Julie M.

  25. Oh my goodness I hope that you feel better from that still...not fun...I have missed you...and I love, love, love your inspiration photos...oh how beautiful! And i know it will turn out marvelous. I cannot wait to see the finished projects:)

  26. So sorry you've been sick....can't wait for the reveal of your new room!

  27. Sweet lambies...I love that picture! I can't wait to see the room reveal! I am still procrastinating on my kitchen lighting..chandies? I can't decide! I love several of the ones in the pics you sent. BTW, I love your music!

  28. Thanks for the reminder about the show! I love your inspiration photos & yes, that coffee table is gorgeous. Our storms here have been nutso!! We have a Crate & Barrel sofa set and are very happy with it.. though I would like to cover it in white slipcovers soon.. the structure & downy feel is nice & has stood up to a 3 yo & wild 4 yo boy jumping on it and beating it down. ~lara

  29. Oh, I love your inspiration photos, your rooms are going to be so perfect!! I love all of the white and I adore the image of the lambs! I will be looking to see what you do!

  30. Love the dreamy whites! I wish you the best in transforming your space! Have a super weekend!:D
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  31. Your inspiration photos are gorgeous...can't wait to see your sunroom...I know it's gonna be beautiful.

  32. We used to have two of those C&B rolled arm slipcovered sofas stuffed with down. They lasted 8 years and 2 kids and we were very rough on them but we loved them. We moved and started over fresh. We still miss those sofas. You won't regret it....

  33. I like the ektorp sofa from Ikea, and you can get different slipcovers for it, including white.