Friday, June 4, 2010

come see me this weekend!

I have been a little 'absent' from blogging the last couple of weeks.

I had to make up for lost time when I was on vacation this month, so its been a week of 16 hour work days, waaaay too many dinners where I had a sandwich in one hand and a paint brush in the other.....and I have loved each and every minute of it!

The last cabient has been painted...the trucks are loaded...and once again, I have all my neighbors peeking out their windows, wondering if I am moving. You would think after all these years the would remember! Two huge trucks in the driveway the first weekend of every month could only mean one thing...

That I will be here all weekend...

Meeting a lot of fabulous people and selling lots and lots of things like this...

If you are at the show this weekend, stop by and say Hi!

And keep your fingers crossed for me the weather changes...right now they are calling for thunderstorms. Yikes! 

And I apologize...I know I promised a few of you a photo preview of my items for the show this weekend, but there just was not enough time in my day! If you are looking for a particular piece, drop me a line tonight and I can let you know if I have what you are looking for!

See you at the flea!

Oh, and be sure to check in on Monday...a fabulous giveaway is coming your way!