Friday, May 28, 2010

on holiday at The Boathouse...

I love term "holiday" versus "vacation", don't you?

It makes any trip sound so much more sophisticated and elegant.

Last week I found my dream place to holiday...and I would like to call up the rental agency, Beach Studios, rattle off my credit card number to them, and book this beauty for the whole summer. (As long as I am on the other side of the globe when the credit card bill arrives, I know I will have a fabulous time!)

I am a farmgirl that loves the sea...

Since I find myself landlocked here in the Midwest for the next handful of years, this is how I choose to decorate my home. I want to surround myself with the feeling I get when I am on vacation by the ocean. If only I could achieve something so beautiful yet relaxed in my home...I would be a happy soul.

Without further ado...I give you

 wasn't that nice??

I can feel the sea air and sand between my toes....

Wishing you a weekend just as wonderful...more answers to your question on Monday!

(all photos via Beachouse Studios)


  1. I think those photos 110% define my favorite interior style!! It just is s calming to look at, you know? :) Draw-dropping gorgeous.. love, love, love!! You can never have too much white or sun-bleached out raw wood! Must check out beach house studios..

  2. That would be a great vacation! I'd have to leave the kids behind for sure :) For a cheaper one - come to Lake Shelbyville & rent a houseboat for a week! Not nearly the same huh!

  3. Oh, you and me both, Mary!

    The more beachy style I'm exposed to, the more I fall in love with it. It just soothes my soul.

    Love it!
    And I *love* that you spelled "ado" correctly, too! ;-)


  4. I am in love.

    I am going to need to find a way to raise a little money to book this place. :)

    What a relaxing retreat...absolutely beautiful.

  5. I love the bed... and the white-ness! My house would be brown if it was white {if that makes any since, LOL}

  6. Oh, just look at all that white loveliness. How fresh and simple. I could certainly holidy here.

  7. Oh my, dreamy, ok back to reality! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I am sold........sign me up! So beautiful! I can feel the sea breezes!

  9. Ah!! I can relate. I'm a midwest girl who adores the sea...but honestly I could never move to the sea...I'd miss soy beans and corn ;) But the beachy, relaxed decor is my fav :)

  10. Are you kiddin' me...what a gorgeous place.

  11. Now that's just a big tease-and I live on the East Coast! So beautiful, there's no way I could rent that out if it was my own. Wishing you a happy Memorial Day weekend!

  12. my heart just melted and sunk and pure bliss those photos and that home is...oh wow Mary!!!

  13. Gorgeous photos! I love the look of the bleached out wood. So beachy and relaxed looking. So serene and lovely.

  14. I adore the all-white aesthetic! Heck, we all do. Well, most of us. So relaxing and calming. My eyes just sort of glaze over (in the best way) and I want to lie down and take a nap. Beautiful!!

  15. That is the most beautiful beachy home I've ever seen. Totally dreamy...thanks for sharing:)

  16. that is a vacation home!! I love the "Bathe" sign! Nice way to start my weekend, thank you!

  17. oh I say book it, just use someone elses credit card ;0))
    ps. I'm having a giveaway at my blog, would love to see you over there!

  18. Oh yes please! I'm ready ~ let's go :0)
    I too love the word holiday instead of vacation; but in the south you get funny looks ;)

  19. Oooooh, so beautiful ! I agree it looks like the perfect place for a "holiday" very Hamptons like !!!!!

    thanks for sharing !!!


  20. That place is gorgeous. Cool, calm, relaxing. Dreamy.

  21. First time visiting your blog...I really enjoyed this post....i cant wait to go "Coastal"


    kitsch n Stuff

  22. WOW! What a place!! I would love to spend a week there!!
    Great New Blog!! Love it! Best, Connie

  23. Came here from Becky (Farmgirl paints) site, and love your sweet blog~! I can imagine this would be a darling place to visit.


  24. gorgeous! makes me {sigh} and dream happy dreams...

  25. i want that house - dreamy!!

    and oh: I'll take that pool too

    I would love to see more pictures of your home - so us "normal folks on the plains of Illinois" can see how to decorate like that!!

  26. wow, I truly adore every single inch of that plaec

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