Monday, May 17, 2010

101 things that make me happy...

I love a roadtrip.

They are one of the things that make me a happy girl.

Watching the miles of road roll by.

Cranking the tunes and singing off key without a care in the world.

Eating a little diners that still serve pop in a glass bottle.

Ahhhh...I just can't wait!

Tomorrow I am embarking on a tour of the Midwest that has me giddy with excitement!

My sweet husband and I will be hitting every little antique shop, junk store and barn sale we can find in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. We do a lot of traveling throughout the year, but there is something I love about the unknown moments that take place when you load up the car and find where the miles take you.

While I am professing my love of the old-fashioned summer roadtrip...I also want to thank Charlotta over at Space for Inspiration for bestowing on me the Happy 101 Award. Just because I am a rule-breaker by nature...I am doing my post a little different from the traditional Happy 101 post. I have decided to name 101 things that make me happy because the over-achiever in me cannot stop at just 10.

So, sit back and relax. This may take you a while...

101 things that make me happy....

making lists
light filtering through white curtains
creaky wood steps
flea markets
the sound of old typewriters
dining al fresco
the rat pack
my dog jake
old glass door knobs
grilling out on the back of a pontoon boat
the farmhouse I grew up in
gravel roads
white sheets fresh off the clothesline
pencil starfish
love letters from WWII
camping at state parks
decorating magazines
old sliding pocket doors
vintage Schwinn bikes
down comforters
big screen tvs
road trips
old chippy paint
being home
the smell of fresh cut grass
subway tile
the ocean
squishy pillows
old crystal chandeliers
the smell of dryer sheets
shopping a cluttered junk shop
lake superior's shoreline
vanilla candles
the sound of crickets
outdoor summer concerts
cabinets with lots of little drawers
the smell of suntan lotion
white lights in trees
spending time “up north”
the slam of an old screen door
corn-on-the-cob fresh off the grill
jackson hole, wyoming
antique diamond rings
a good hair day
old fireplace mantles
wrap around porches
the number 8
giving gifts
the las vegas strip
u-pick strawberries
every single song by kenny chesney
the smell of cooking onions & garlic
blueberry muffins
fall leaves
the sound of lawnmowers from down the street
playing cards by the outdoor fireplace in summer
a good yard sale
cute elderly couples
someone saying ‘thank you’
white english ironstone
new car smell
the sound of rain on a metal roof
finding a bargain
beach towns in california
singing in the car
falling asleep with the windows open
weekend roadtrips
a success story
planning a vacation
being spontaneous
an ice cream sundae with peanut butter & pecans
the amazing race
100% Grape juice popsicles
laughing until I cry
buying cherries at a roadside stand
michigan sand dunes
fabulous sunglasses
lemon bars
a hug from my husband
the smell of fresh ground coffee
an old Ford truck with faded paint and a little rust
my dad’s hands
wedding cake flavor ice cream
walking around washington dc at night
jeans that are actually long enough for me
old white dairy barns
the smell of a campfire
dipping a new paintbrush in a fresh can of paint
tjmaxx, marshalls & homegoods
all white covers on a bed

Have a happy week girls...I will take lots of photos while I am away! Wish me luck that I find lots of goodies!

(both photos via Flickr)


  1. From a country Iowa gal hope you find treasures here!

  2. Have a great trip! I share a lot of your favorites! If you need some joints to hit in central IL - text me - I'll give you the hookup :) I know a few must sees!

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Good luck finding lots of treasures.

  4. Enjoy your trip! There's some great hidden places in Nebraska. I will be eagerly awaiting your return to see what you find.
    I loved your list - it really got me thinking about all the little things in life ... little but mean so much.
    Have fun!

  5. Have a wonderful trip and good luck. Can't wait to see what you come back with.

    Enjoyed your list.

  6. Wow! A trip through the heart of America. How fun! I can't wait to see what you bring back.
    Happy travels!

  7. LOVE your list & would probably agree to all of them except there's a few places I haven't been to so can't say for sure...!!

    I hope you both have a GREAT trip...Can't wait to see your pics....!!!

    Travel safe & buy HEAPS....!!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  8. 101 things? Wow, I have tried to make lists like that and they are NOT easy! I get to about 21 before I start to lose ideas... You are good!
    Have a marvelous time away my friend,

  9. Oooh....don't hog all the goodies! I'm about a week behind ya! Maybe we'll cross paths on the road! What fun!

    : )

    Julie M.

  10. Hi Mary! Don't know what part of Iowa you will be in, but there are some really nice antique stores around where I live. One is called "The Barn" in New London, Iowa and there are several Antique/Junk type stores in the Kalona, Iowa area!

  11. I had some amazing images appear in my mind as I read your list! That was a very happy read!

  12. I hope you have a great trip, your list makes me smile!

  13. First of all...I am loving those shoes!! And a road trip?! I love it! We are going on one in September and are so looking forward to it. We too will stop along the way! You have a great time and don't forget to take pics along the way!
    Your 101 list is wonderful.

  14. May 22,2010 Centerville, Iowa public auction

    The following auction will be held at two (2) separate locations. The real estate auction will be at the house located at 21416 240th Ave, 1 mile east of Centerville IA on Hwy #2 then S on 240th Ave AT 9:00 AM. The remainder of the items will be auctioned at 10:30 AM at the Appanoose County Fairgrounds located at W Franklin St in Centerville IA (Follow auctions signs)
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  15. Have a great trip and I loved reading your list!

  16. Have agreat trip! I love the Midwest when I lived there! Hope you find some great stuff, too!

  17. Wow! have a wonderful trip full of amazing finds!!!

  18. I LOVE your list! I am going to start a list of my own. You have so many things on your list that I love too! What a fun list.

    On Friday I am hosting "Friday Pretties" I would love for you to play along. It is just for fun so that we bloggers can play a little game of Show & Tell. Super simple- Just leave a comment on my blog that you want to play and then post a "Pretty" on your blog on Friday. You may get some new visitors.
    Have a wonderful day,

  19. we have a lot in common...i too love most of those.
    have fun Mary!

  20. OK I'm going to come back with my cup of coffee to read your 101 but a road trip with the hubby sound fabulous! Have a ton of fun, I'm a little envious :)
    PS love the shoes!

  21. Have a wonderful time, I am a wee bit jealous you know...ok, I lied a whole lot jealous!! stay safe and sing some off tune hits for me! xoxoxo

  22. great list and I am LOVING those shoes! have fun :)

  23. Have a wonderful and successful trip! Can't to see all your treasures.

  24. That sounds like so much fun Mary! How exciting!! I'll be looking forward to see what you bring back home. I love so many of the same things on your list too! Have a wonderful time!

  25. Those photos are DARLING! I quite adore them! Enjoy your trip and your time with your hubby!

  26. This is SUCH a fantastic post! Your list is perfect.

    And how lucky are you, going on that AMAZING road trip! I so wish Mr. Twig would take me on this sort of vacation. Who needs Hawaii, right? ;-)

    Have fun!


  27. I concur with your list! All those things make me happy. Have a great road trip. But while in IL -Save some ironstone for me! haha

  28. thanks for the list! It was fun to read and made me think of all the simple things I love so much! Enjoy your trip!

  29. Say hello to Missouri for me. I miss home so often.

  30. we have a lot in common love. ... replace Kenny Chesney with George Strait and we're good *wink*

    Happy Day, The Lady

  31. While we can not take a dream trip like yours, we have been happily walking village wide garage sales the past few weeks. If only I could afford more time (and money) and space...
    May you run out of road before you run out of money and room in your vehicle!

  32. that sounds like a dream roadstrip for me too! have fun, can't wait to see your finds! love your list too, so many good ones! take care, susan

  33. Love your list Mary...I'd have many of those same things on mine. Hope you guys have a great road trip...and find lots of junk too!

  34. ... does this mean we'll see you at the NaDa Farm barn sale ... uh hum's in Illinois

  35. A summer road trip, what bliss! Cant wait to see what you find.

  36. I'm leaving Monday for "up north", love saying that, for a HS reunion and then to bring my daughter home from college. Hoping to get some quality junking time in with my sisters. Upper Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota, here I come, can't hardly wait!

  37. I found your comment over at counting your blessings ...
    how was your roadtrip?

    we missed you at nada farm
    I hope you can link over to recap ... it was "sure-real"

  38. lovely photos.

    and i know what you mean about living in the city and pining for the country!!

  39. I love this post - 100 happy things - what a great idea. I could mimic many of them as you have captured some real classics here. Lou x

  40. Oh how fun it would be to take a road trip! I doubt my hubby would enjoy a trip just for visiting antique and junk shops, as he has little patience for that kind of thing. Still, I'd love to hear about every place you visited! Maybe I could persuade a friend to go with me.

    Those photos are sweet! Did you take them?