Wednesday, May 5, 2010

we have winners!!!

You girls sure know how to show the love!

Making so much change in your life is a nail-biting time...but thanks to all of you I now know I have done the right thing! Thanks for making a girl feel so darn good!

Now...on to the fun stuff...WE HAVE WINNERS for the giveaway!

The lucky girl that is going to find a burlap and ruffled linen runner in her mailbox from Tara over at Blondeinsc is....

Shannan...from Flower Patch Farmgirl!

I swear she was not chosen just because she also declares herself a fellow farmgirl! I love her blog. Plain and simple - she cracks me up. She is one witty gal and I look forward to her posts every day. And those kiddos of hers are just so darn cute! I am sure you already know her...but if not...check out her blog, your day will get off to a much better start with a laugh or two.

Now onto the fabulous pillow slip from Andrea's shop Faded Plains...

Melanie from Pretties & Posies!

I am so crazy in love with Melanie's blog. Have you seen it?? If not...go there now. She is amazing and her talent just rocks my world! Hmmm...maybe I should hire her to come stay with me for a couple of weeks...I have a lot of rooms that could use her skills!

Email your addresses I can get your goodies on the way!

And for the rest of you lovely girls that were kind enough to leave me a comment and follow me to my new home...I have another giveaway coming up be sure to keep checkin'!

I am off to start a remake of a dresser for my bedroom that I think is going to be an amazing before and I am going to try to remember to take photos this time! Wish me luck!