Friday, May 7, 2010

a big thank you!

I am doing cartwheels...over-the-moon happy to be featured over here today!

The super sweet Kristin was kind enough to spread the love today with my little ol' blog as her 'Friday Feature'

THANK YOU KRISTIN..what a good friend you are!

(Photos via Flickr...for no reason other than I love each and every one of them.)

Happy Weekend, girls!


  1. Hi Mary!
    It was well deserved!

    And a happy weekend to you, too!


  2. Okay - love the photos...and love Kristin, too.

    Happy Friday!

  3. I agree, cute pictures! I just love Kristin! AND .... I love your blog too! :) I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

    P.S. I think I might have found a scale almost EXACTLY like the one on your header. I love them!!!

  4. Well deserved! Great pictures, have a wonderful weekend!

    Best wishes,

  5. Hello Mary,
    My first time visiting your blog and I just found you through Kristin.
    What a beautiful blog you have and I'll be happy to follow you and your new projects.
    Have a lovely weekend, Mary.
    Li :)

  6. I am a bit behind this week.. but I am so happy to be getting a chance to visit your blog!!

    I saw Kristin's post. Lovely!! And may I say.. so well-deserved!!!

    I am glad you took this leap of FAITH!!!;-)
    Wishing you lots of happiness!!!

  7. Hi Mary, great feature by Kristin, love both of your blogs! Lovin' your new look too! Enjoy a wonderful weekend, Deb

  8. Kristin is a darling but all she wrote is deserved. I love your blog!! xx

  9. LOVE your blog...
    have a fabulous weekend!

  10. Oh yes....I do love Kristin and your blog!!!! I am searching for some places for you too...I'll get back to you on it:) Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Your photos are beautiful!! Congrats on your feature!

  12. Hi Mary-
    You are so sweet for posting this thank you!! I had so much fun writing this up and getting to know a little bit more about you! I'm wishing you a wonderful day today :)
    Love Kristin

  13. Hi Mary, so glad the lovely Kristin featured your blog, I'm really enjoying reading through all of your posts and checking out your makeovers - something I just can't get enough of! Congratulations on the feature, and looking forward to following you on your bloggy adventures. K xx

  14. Hi Mary! you really deserve the featuring...your blog is a dream!!!

    A big hug!

  15. what great photos! i'm off to check out the feature i'm not sure i saw it! enjoy the week! susan

  16. well deserved indeed.....

    hope to meet you in a few weeks!

  17. Hi, Mary I loved your pictures! You know what they say you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl.....I was borned country and will always be country!!!!!!

  18. G'Day~How Fun! When did you start loving white? I was very young late teens, I always wanted to wear white shirts and shoes and moved onto furniture and decor now.Thanks for sharing! ~Cheers Kim