Tuesday, May 11, 2010

inquiring minds...

I was laying in bed one night last week...going over the day...planning my next day's projects in my head...and my mind drifted to my blog. I started to think about the people I have met, some of which I have become such good friends with over the last 6 months. I thought about how much I now know about these girls that were total strangers to me this time last year.

So then it made me think...how much do you all know about me? I don't tend to let much out about myself on my blog...or at least I don't think so. I keep it pretty basic.

Before I could go to sleep that night, I had to get out of my bed, fire up the computer and add a little blurb on my sidebar asking if anyone had a question for me. Well, needless to say...you girls have totally knocked my socks off! I have received some of the best questions I have ever been asked in my whole entire life! You are quite an inquisitive bunch, I tell you!

Some are just flat out funny...some are a bit on the serious side...and some are just waaaay too private to go into on this forum! But I love reading each and every one of them. But, since my inbox has been flooded with emails I am asking for the rest of your inquiries to come to me in the form of a comment on this post.

So come on girls, hit me with it.

Ask away.

Anything you want to know...just ask!

There may even be a little prize for the person that asks my very favorite question!

I will answer in a post later this week!


  1. Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full girl?

  2. What was the best question in your inbox? *grin*


  3. Hi Mary!

    You are a brave soul!
    Hmmmm, let's see...

    I think you can learn a lot about a person by what they read. So....who is your favorite author and your favorite book?

    I'll even play! I'm a Jane Austen girl through and through. So it's Pride and Prejudice for me.

    Be back soon!

  4. What is your favorite item to collect and how long have you been collecting?

  5. Which one of the 7 drawfs is your favorite and why? Which one fits your personality the closest?


  6. oh man this is hard, still thinking! :0

  7. Mary, what makes you smile even when you are down.

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  9. Okay... how about the one piece (furniture, chandy, lamp) that you would rescue if your house caught on fire... assuming that you get loved ones and pets and family photos out and please provide a photo of the piece if you answer my question! Oh, it can be any size (like that gorgeous cabinet!)

  10. OK I have a few:

    1. Why haven't you shown us pics of this fabulous home you are remodeling! Trust me I've seen the dirt and the process on ours, so I want to see what you're up to in there!

    2. OK do you like to dance? If so what is your most favorite song to dance to? Mine has to be Snoop Dog. For a seriously pale white country girl - I do love my college years of rap music! Too bad I can't play it with the kids around!

    3. That dog of yours - what's his story - give me a full run down - plus I love a good pug shot - ha you probably got that stupid pun from my Trudie Pug love!

    4. What is your craziest junk-trip story? Ours - definitely the near riot we caused by buying outright from an old man instead of waiting on the auction truck to auction off his loot - apparently some people thought there should be "auction laws"!

    5. If you had to pick your husband to have one of two things would it be - Kenny Chesney's butt jeans - or Kenny Chesney's singing voice?

  11. Ok, here are a few I thought of...you told us to ask so here it goes!

    1. If a movie was being made of your life who would play you?

    2. What movie character are you most like?

    3. If you bought a yacht what would you name it?

    4. Paper or plastic?

    5. Have you ever met a celebrity? If yes, tell us about it!

    6. Favorite quote?

    7. What color is your living room painted?

    8. Did you play a sport in high school?

  12. If you could have only one room in which to live, and only one piece of furniture in that room, and only one color with which to paint, only one magazine or book to read, and only one food you could eat . . . what would they be?

  13. From one midwest'ner to another...do you think you will ever move out of the area? Where is your favorite travel destination?

  14. Nikki, you asked my question! We are always itching to move to a nicer climate. How bout you?? Its harder when or if you have children.

  15. Your one brave lady! I'll go easy on you and ask a simple question!

    Since photos are such a big part of blogging, I'm wondering what type of camera you use, have you had formal training or are you self taught and finally what are your favorite actions? Your photos are always gorgeous and I'm hoping to learn to take photos as well as you someday!

    Thanks, Robin

  16. Wow...there's some great questions here...hmmm...let me think...

  17. Okay just e-mailed you a couple...I didn't read these until after otherwise I won't get those out of my mind...can't wait for the answers

  18. Hi Mary! Love your new blog! That header is GORGEOUS! I have a few questions...a couple I have wondered since I started reading, the others are just for fun. I am new to the blog world and don't have one of my own yet, but I love reading to see what every has going on in their life and home.

    - Is most of the furniture you paint white? Do you ever paint other colors?

    - How do you find all the pieces you paint? I read somewhere you paint about 80 pieces a month, that is a LOT of furniture!

    Now for some fun questions!

    - When you sleep do you dream? If so are they always about the same thing?

    - Do you wake up to a buzzer or a radio?

    - Do you make your bed every day?

    - What are your 3 favorite smells?

    - Do you have a lucky number?

    Looking forward to your answers this week! - Jan

  19. Did you get the 50mm lens for your camera? If you did, do you love it?

  20. Since we seemed to have lived very parallel lives, I want to know about YOUR childhood farmhouse bedroom!

    Mine had a dark wood canopy bed, pale blue bedding with little flowers on it, a blue-painted wood floor and I plastered the inside of my closet door with photos of my favorite 80's heart throbs.

    That seems like such a long time ago. (sigh)
    Almost like a dream!

    What about you? Anything special memories of your childhood bedroom on the farm?

    (Too bad we didn't know each other back then...you could've talked me out of decorating with those 80's posters!)

    Happy Reminiscing!

  21. Mary, which came first the chicken or the egg? just kidding.
    What is your favorite place to vacation? Mine is Disney World.
    Are you a Martha Stewart fan? Me, not so much!
    Who is your favorite decorator? I love Mary Emmerling and LOVE James Cramer and Dean Johnson although Dean passed in 2003. If you don't know them check out Seasons at Seven Gates Farm. Fabulous!

  22. Hello - what a great initiative!
    Well, I have just nominated you for an award that calls for you to share the 10 things that make you happy.. I look forward to reading your list and to get to know you better.

    Thank you for joining my 'blog family' and for your comments on my blog.
    I am so glad you are part of my group of friends.

    x Charlotta

  23. HI, Mary, I just found you via Charlotta's blog, Space for Inspiration, and am so glad I did! My question is this: Are you currently living in Illinois? I live in the southern part of that state, but have spent much of my life closer to Chicago. I look forward to seeing more of your blog and to reading your answers to the many, many questions posted here. You are full of courage, girl, to permit all these questions! Take care.

  24. my goodness there are some great questions, and it took me like two days to come up with something and all I got is do you drink beer when you paint and sand, and if so how do you keep the sawdust from getting inside the bottle, that is assuming you drink beer and also assuming that you drink out of a bottle...uhm, not that i have any experience with drinking and sanding....nope non what so ever, and as you can see I must not be a very deep person cause I didn't ask something like when did you fall in love or blah blah blah!! ok, going back into the hole I came out from! muwahhh!

  25. What would be the most happiest thing in the world you could wake up to discover?

  26. Congrats on the new blog! I love it!

  27. Are you going to Sandwich flea this weekend?!?!? I AMMMM! Yay, can't wait!! :)

  28. You've gotten a lot of great questions! I don't have one, but I have so enjoyed reading some of your posts. Happy Monday! xo Lidy

  29. I just found your great blog!!! I love it and I read down through several days worth down to where your story is of the Refrigerator warehouse. Ohhh...I was nearly crying, to think all of those gorgeous old 'friges' were just destroyed. What is wrong with some peoples heads?!?!?!
    I would have a hard time getting over that, too.
    I will be back. Hugs, Cindy S

  30. Inquiring Minds Wants To Know must be a bit tough. we do have lost of questions and we would want to know all the answers.

  31. question....where on earth have you beenn? I miss your posts'!

  32. Maybe it's cause it's a Sat. afternoon by the pool but I want to know the answer/solution to the sawdust in the beer question. That and salt or no salt on your rita's? Make mine extra salty!

  33. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your funiture! I cannot wait for my little girl to sleep in the beautiful bed I bought from you. I would buy everything if I could. Cannot wait to see your goodies at the July flea!

    Here's my question: Is everything in your house pretty much white? :)