Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i heart Jojeana's kitchen...

I love a good before and after...who doesn't, right?

Especially when it is a kitchen reno...those always amaze me! I love how a little creativity, paint and hard work can transform a dark, old space into sometime so light, bright and happy.

Last month, I was lucky enough to stumble on Jojeana's blog, Secret Garden Cottage and fell in LOVE with her kitchen!

Have you seen it?

If not, you are in for a treat! The white paint, the beadboard...the open cabinets. It is simply gorgeous!

Do you see that beautiful antique scale peeking out from around the corner? I have that same scale... and I loooove it...but I am dying to see that yellow table it is on up close. Is that old paint?? Um, Jo...could you show us your table, pretty please?

Shhh...don't tell her...but I am secretly hoping some day to drive to Cali and snag her gorgeous island!

I have some serious love happening for that beauty!

Here is where Jo started...welcome to the 70's ladies...

I cannot believe the transformation! And it was all done on a budget, too....thats my kind of girl!

Her choice of a farm sink under the window makes my little heart go pitter-patter...and I love, love, love the open cabinets and french doors.

So simple and clean.

And that light above the island??? One word.


I am now on the hunt for chairs like this...aren't they fantastic paired with her farm table?!

Ahhh...such a simple, bright and beautiful space. You girls never seem to amaze me with what you can accomplish!

But seriously, I NEED that island!!

Be sure to visit Jo's blog...her mudroom and living room transformations were just as wonderful as her kitchen!

I am off for a date with my paintbrush...today's project are a HUGE armoire dresser with a matching long dresser...and....I am so excited about this...I am actually finishing up a dresser for myself!

That one is going to have me dancing around the room...me because I never take time to work on something for my home! Who knows...maybe I will even show you a photo or two when  I get my bedroom project done!

Happy Tuesday, girls!


  1. Good Morning! I LOVE her kitchen too...everything about it! Isn't that island the most fabulous you've ever seen...

    Did you ever show us your big display cabinet??? Did I miss it? Can't wait to see what you're working on - I'm sure it's out of this world like the rest of your projects. :)

  2. Wow, that island is amazing! Her kitchen is fantastic, I can't believe the before. I never would have known it was the same if you hadn't posted them together!

  3. Like the ugly duckling that kitchen grew into a really beautiful swan!! I do love her daily white board under the hangers. We had one in slate, very smart, but not as clear as a white board!

  4. I love that island too! Plus it's on casters - I adore casters! You need to go to the juried antique show in Arthur, IL this fall - FABULOUS antiques - it's where we scored our island & there were many many more girl!

  5. oh my gosh her kitchen is gorgeous, I am now off to visit her blog. Thanks for finding me another blog to waste time on :)

  6. Oh my!!! a lot of work to do but the result is stunning!!! the island is really fab....Nice blog you made me discover, so glad to discover it here. xx Zaira

  7. OMG! Yes, this is a wonderful before and after!!! Now I'm going to pop by her blog!

    Have a nice day!

  8. That is one seriously beautiful kitchen...and the island...gorgeous!

  9. Oh it's gorgeous, that island is to die for!! Thanks for sharing I'm on my way!

  10. Hi Mary,
    Thanks so much for all your kind words about my kitchen...I'm blushing! :)
    Guess where I got those chairs from...your giveaway place...Pottery Barn. Instead of buying dining room chairs from their regular catalog, I bought desk chairs from their kids catalog for half the price!
    Also, it just so happens that I have a picture of that bin table on my post today. Isn't that weird (I put the post together about 4 days ago to automatically publish today)?!
    Anyway, thanks again! I feel really honored that you would mention my kitchen on your blog. It means a lot coming from someone as talented as you are!! :)
    I cannot wait to see your bedroom makeover when it's done...bring on the inspiration girlfriend!!

    Hugs ~ Jo

    P.S. Thanks so much to all your lovely visitors for their sweet comments, too! :)

  11. Girl, I wil totally elbow you for that island! And I have SHARP elbows, (hehehe!)! ;-)

    Gosh, there is nothing that I don't love about that awesome kitchen. Very inspirational, love it!


  12. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to go over & check her blog out right now!

  13. Yes, another great blog to -stalk.-.. I mean follow. She has great stuff. That is a great kitchen.. I could bathe two kids in that sink.

  14. I just found her Monday....became a follower...and now you posted her awesome kitchen - hilariously ironic -

    that kitchen island......it all put together - that girl has talent - it looks great!!

  15. ohhhh.. I love it! What a change!!! It is beautiful anyhow, but when you see the before. WOW

  16. Stunning! That center aisle is amazing! Thank so much for sharing all this beauty!

  17. OH MY! That is a good before and after. LOVE that kitchen. I so want a farmhouse sink and cool island like that. Thanks for sharing:)

  18. I have those chairs in black - got them from Cost Plus a couple years ago. I'm pretty sure they had them in white too.
    I heart her island too - the whole kitchen makes my heart go pitter patter!

  19. holy smokes batman...amazing!! see if I had vision like that i would buy one of these run down houses on the beach that call my name, but I too lazy and not driven and would have to nag the pool man and well that all just ends up not fun, but it was super fun to see this house, off to check out the rest...and yes come to cali!

  20. Oh yes.... pitter patter, flip flop, and all that! I LOVE that island. Of course, having all that wonderfulness requires having a kitchen large enough for it. But someday... =)

    Thanks for sharing it! Blessings... Polly

  21. Fabulous before and after. Makes me want to get out the sledge hammer and go to work on my own! Love it all.

  22. O my!
    This kitchen really turn out great!!!
    Very good job!!!
    I love your Blog!!!
    Please come and visit mine;)


    Lovely greetings from Germany...

  23. Loving the kitchen re-do! Fabulous! And that island is TDF!!! Can't wait to see all that you are working on!!!

  24. This is such an inspiring transformation!! The kitchen has such a relaxed and friendly feel.

  25. That is absolutely amazing! Wow - what a fabulous weekend!

    I am your newest follower!! Thanks for being great :)


  26. wow! I have a huge crush on the kitchen island!!!

  27. love it! it's really terrific! thank you for sharing, there is nothing like a great redo! enjoy the day! susan

  28. oh how I would love to see your project you did for you....I'm sure it's beautiful and that transformation of that kitchen...oh my goodness...amazing!

  29. Thanks for highlighting that kitchen. My kitchen is on my list and being a new blogger it will probably end of on my blog - someday :). I've become a follower. LOVE your blog!

  30. i wish there was a "like" button for this! great houses... :)