Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miss Ollie Faith...

When I first started blogging I connected Annie from The House that Jade Built. Annie has an amazing energy and spirit and a cute little family full of love, life and pure happiness!  She lives only about 2 hours from me, so it was great to find someone "local" in blogland. I can't wait til I can meet her (and her Mom & sisters in person!)

A few months ago, Annie had a beautiful baby girl...Ollie Faith.

Today is the big day for Miss Ollie...

Her little heart was not strong when she was born, and today the doctors in St. Louis are going to do their very best work and make it a healthy, strong heart.

She has been given a life with the BEST family a little girl can ask for...and I hope you will just take a quick moment to remember her and her family in your thoughts today.

It is a big day for everyone.

Surgery is scary for anyone, but when it is such a sweet little baby it is even more heart-wrenching. I figured this little girl needs every prayer we can offer her today!