Thursday, June 30, 2011

99 things I love...summer edition

Last year I decided to start a running list of things I is ever changing, evoloving and getting quite long! I decided it was time for a strictly "summer edition" to my 'list of loves'.

light filtering through white curtains
watching lightning bugs in my backyard
flea markets
window boxes full of flowers
nights spent at the drive-in theater
day trips
dining al fresco
farmers markets
summer memories growing up on our farm
gravel roads
night swimming
white sheets fresh off the clothesline
camping at state parks
dogs hanging their heads out of car windows
bare feet
sound of ice cream trucks
eating foods on sticks at the state fair
the smell of fresh cut grass
painted toes
running for ocean waves
road side fruit stands
roller coasters
lake superior's shoreline
the sound of crickets
outdoor summer concerts
water balloon fights
the smell of suntan lotion
white lights in the trees around my patio
spending time “up north”
tiki torches
 evening bike rides
u-pick strawberries
sunglasses as a headband
snow cones
the sound of cicadas
the sound of lawnmowers from down the street
the sound of a vintage fan
a good yard sale
neighbors sitting on their porches
cute elderly couples out for a walk
ice cold watermelon
drive-in movies
singing in the car
falling asleep with the windows open
weekend trips
laying in the grass on a summer night
planning a vacation
collecting driftwood & shells
being spontaneous
100% Grape juice popsicles
drippy ice cream cones
michigan sand dunes
fabulous sunglasses
 wedding cake flavor ice cream
the smell of a campfire
all white covers on my bed
planting petunias
eating dinner off the grill every.single.night.
the sound of summer silence
a cool shower after a long day on the lake
hanging clothes on the clothesline
the slam of an old screen door
lemonade stands
basball games
camping in the backyard
a cool breeze on a really hot day
marching bands in small-town parades
drinking lemonade out of a mason jar
beach hair
lingering daylight hours
wildflowers growing along gravel roads
mini golf
driving with the top down
a night spent crusising the river slowly on a pontoon boat
fresh raspberries
picking my salad from my garden
the smell of my neighbors grill
kids playing in the sprinklers
neighborhood block parties
grilled corn on the cob
tank tops
bonfire parties
fresh peaches
beach balls
squirt gun fights
sparkling blue swimming pools
retro lawn furniture
the simple fact that mosquitoes never EVER bite me

There really is so much to love about summer, isn't there?

 I would love to know...what are some of your favorite things??

Happy Thursday, everyone! The long weekend is almost here!