Friday, June 3, 2011

2 chicks and a fancy owl...

Raise your hand if you are from the Chicago area and will be going to the Kane County Flea this weekend!

I am! I am! Wait....I will be there selling. And for the first time in 5 years, I will be bringing lots of vintage things with me, too! Usually I bring painted furniture only to this show but I decided it was time to clean my warehouse! (Yes, that is cheering you hear in the background from my hubs.) There will be LOTS of chippy paint chairs, old maps, linen lined metal baskets, get the idea. Stuff. Good stuff! Oh, and I even have a vintage Schwinn bike, too! So come see me early! Arena Building across from the Fairgrounds Office & Bathrooms. 

But enough about me...I am here to tell you about 2 friends that will be selling at the show this weekend, too! And for those of you that are not local - they have an Etsy shop! Woot! Woot!


Jackie & Jill are two amazing girls that stumbled on the most incredible vintage ceramic molds for birds, gnomes, owls, mushrooms, frogs...just really cool pieces! They make each piece by hand and with love. Isn't it a great feeling to know you are supporting a handmade business?

I have a beautiful bird that I used in my guest room makeover. My Mom loves I knew that would be the perfect spot to perch this beauty!

I am drooling over this watering can! I think I am going to run over to their booth and pick one of these up! I love the simple, clean lines!

And what a great idea this yarn bowl is!


And what yard doesn't need a frog prince! He is quite handsome, I have to say...

Awww...and the gnomes. I love gnomes! Maybe the patio could use a couple of these little guys, too!

Most of what Jackie & Jill make are in a beautiful bisque color...but there are some pieces that are colorful and gorgeous! Their colorful mushrooms are so cute!

So if you are at Kane this weekend, stop by and say "Hi" to Jackie & Jill...and tell them the Urban Farmgirl sent you! They are easy to find...they will be at the far North end of the Swine Building.

Want to take a peek at their Etsy shop?? Click here...

I hope to see some of my readers this weekend! It is going to be gorgeous weather...PERFECT for a day at the flea!

I am off to put finishing touches on a few mirrors, pack a truck and think reeeeallly hard on parting with my chalkboard and bringing it to the flea this weekend. I don't think I can do it. Yet.


  1. I love that owl!! The bird is lovely too. I haven't been to a flea market in a whilte and I really miss it. I hope you have a great time! :)

  2. how'd you get the picture of my old pick up
    haha (last post)

    I drug to my desktop soooooo fast from Heather's blog!

    nuf said

    have a great show, I'm busy tweeking wedding plans.

  3. oh this is a show that i have been wanting to do since the early 90's. My sis gets to do it and loves it.
    Have so much fun and good luck with it all
    can't wait to hear how things go.

  4. I'm local!! I'm hoping to get there on Sunday! Haven't been to the Kane County Flea Market in (?) years and can't wait to see what vintage goodies you are bringing (I purchased a vintage Swedish book from your Etsy shop a while back)! Will have to check out those cute little gnomes as well...

  5. Oh...this is a lot of good stuff! I am dying to get to the Fair...I live in Evergreen Park. Every weekend is consumed with going to our lakehouse in Michigan. But one of these days...and I will be sure to stop by and say Hi! Have a GREAT weekend!


  6. I wonder if I can talk my husband into a last minute trip to the Chicago is only 5 hours away ;).

    Well, have a great weekend and good luck. I hope you sell and buy lots of good stuff.


  7. if only....:) that owl is the cutiest cutie pie. but that yarn bowl? for my knitting friend battling breast cancer? perfect. heading there now. happy selling!!!!

  8. SUCH a cute shop!
    I so wish I was shopping the flea with you this weekend. :-(


  9. please don't... please don't get rid of your chalkboard! For me?!?
    Have a good time and sell lots! That shop is adorable! I think I may have to get us a little owl :)

  10. ohhhh, any chance that you'll put any leftover treasures on your etsy? Wishing that I wasn't about 12 hours away! Have fun!

  11. Sounds fabulous! Wish I could be there!

  12. Their pieces are really wonderful!! I adore the yarn holder and watering pitcher.

    Be sure to enter my awesome $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!!

    Art by Karena

  13. If only I didn't live in New York I would be there to check out your wares!! Love your blog and Etsy shop by the way. Have fun at the flea!


  14. have fun! i'm sure you'll sell out! love the yarn bowl, very cool!! susan

  15. I just discovered your lovely blog via Faded Charm! I am your newest follower! Best of luck with your upcoming show! Wish I lived close enough to attend!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  16. oh you are killing me with the kane county flea market!!!
    maybe i will convince my husband to let me come for july.

  17. You can get that same owl on etsy. The shop Terra Bella Pottery has it once and a while.