Tuesday, May 31, 2011

random things...

Today, I am totally copying Teresa from Meadowbrook Farm. I love her posts with 'bullet points.'

She is pure genius, that girl!

Thank you, Teresa for letting me steal your brilliant, Monday 'morning and I am tired' blog-friendly idea.

Ok, here it goes. A quick little blog post with random things that make no sense together at all. My specialty!

- I know I promised you pretty photos from my weekend in Michigan, but I don't have any. It rained. Sideways. Every day I was there. Enough said about that. Moving on.

- If you have Blogger and see I am visiting your blog and not commenting...don't hate me. I am still just having problems leaving comments. Anyone find a way around this yet?

- I am totally obsessed with Pinterest. TOTALLY OBSESSED. The photos in this post were all from my the pins I was adding at midnight last night. When I should have been sleeping. Obsessed, I tell ya!

- By the time my head hits the pillow tonight, I have to paint a desk, a nightstand, 4 beds, a bookcase and 45 old picture frames. Kill me.

- I am thinking of buying an iPad. Anyone out there have one? Do you love it?

- If you purchased anything on Etsy from me since last Thursday, your package is shipping out today. Just so you know.

- I read a lot of blogs that give nicknames to their husbands that tie into their blog name. It seems too cruel to call mine "Mr. Farmgirl"...it would just strip his manhood right away...any suggestions? He does so much for me 'behind the scenes'. He is my furniture-fixer, truck-loader, delivery boy...anything I ask of him. It seems he deserves a proper name, no? How about Urban Farmboy?? Hmmm...maybe I should stick to just calling him "the hubs".

- We were at an antique shop in Michigan this weekend, and I was wearing my Hunter boots. I was at the checkout, and the older man working there had a thick German accent. He was a very flirty old man...and he offered me 10% off without me even asking because he said I had "nice boots". I have never seen my husband turn around so fast. I had to clarify that he did indeed say "BOOTS" and not something that sounds a lot like "boots"...only naughty...if you have a German accent.

- It is supposed to rain here AGAIN today. I can't take much more of this, I swear. Who did what to tick Mother Nature off?? Is it too much to ask for a summer that actually has sunshine??

- I know I promised a post on the wood wall in my guest room, but I have been so stinkin' busy getting ready for another show at the flea this weekend, I have yet to post it. Its coming soon, I promise!

Ok, signing off.

Did anyone actually make it to the end of this post?

If you did, feel free to leave me your suggestions for "Mr. Urban Farmgirls" nickname.

Happy Tuesday, all! Hope you had a great long weekend!


  1. Perfectly lovely post. I feel like we just had a conversation over coffee. Will ponder the 'Mr. Urban Farmgirl' question ....

  2. Funny post..the boots! I really like Urban Farmboy, seems fitting! Have a wonderful day..love your blog by the way!

  3. I am so slow at pinterest and not really sure what I am doing... waaaa

  4. I love Urban Farmboy!!! You know my favorite movie is The Princess Bride, and Buttercup calls her Wesley, "Farm Boy." Although you could change it to "Farm Mr. if that sounds a little more manly. Or Mr. Farmer, or Urban Farmer. Have fun with that one.

  5. Adore your truck pins! I have an IPad 2 and LOVE it!!! It is so awesome! I have the ibook app and read books on it. I watch movies on it, blog on it, journal on it, I have the big oven app and cook from it. Seriously it is the coolest thing ever. Get one,get one,get one get one! :) You need it. for reals. :)

  6. oopsie that last one was me. :) I wasn't signed in right.

  7. Oh, girl!!! Love your blog! And I'm sooo excited cause I'm gonna come scout you out in St. Charles next weekend! Yay! And not in a creepy, stalker way...promise...;) Have a great (hot!) week!

  8. I love urban farmboy or the hubs is pretty cool too! I did make it to the end of your post, because I love coming here, you crack me up and those photos are amazing! I have signed up to pin everything that I love too, but alas I have yet to figure out how to drag that silly pin to my bookmarked/favorites area. ugh. I am determined to figure it out, there is so much to drool over on there! I live in MI. and I feel for you. The sun finally came out yesterday though and I dare say it's back today! t. xoxox

  9. I'm sorry you had such crappy MI weather. Yesterday was our first gorgeous day this season.

    Yes indeed, you must get an iPad. I can't live without it. Make sure you get one with the network system in it so you can use it anywhere your heart desires....the car, in a park, etc.

    I adore Pinterest also. As far as the hubs, be kind to him.....Urban Man sounds stronger than boy!

  10. Great post and pictures! Someone told me a way to fix the not being able to comment problem is to uncheck the box that says "stayed signed in" in Google. It worked for me and others too...

  11. I'm liking the urban farmboy nickname...and your post was fun, it was like you were chatting with us.

    Bummer about the rain, it really was awful.

  12. Love Pinterest too. Urban Farmboy sounds pretty manly to me...or maybe Farmguy.
    My Mr. Flea would agree and would most likely rather have that name!
    Like your Monday bullet points! :)

  13. gorgeous gorgeous post! i've gotten around the leaving comments issue by signing into google and NOT checking the stay signed in box and it now works perfectly fine....so odd!

    have a wonderful {almost} summer day!


  14. great post and pics! love pinterest, and LOVE my ipad. As for the husband - urban farmguy? Urban farmdude?

  15. Can you BELIEVE all this rain?! Even up here in Vancouver Canada we have had the worst spring in 50 years :( Sunshine this morning and then rain forecasted for another 4 days.

  16. I love hubs = the name and the guy. He's awesome. You are gonna have to do something about the rain this weekend- get it under control, because I am soooo not going t be able to deal with it. Kay? Thanks, friend! ( PS- 3 more days of school...yes!)

  17. Mr Farmboy.....
    Sounds very romance novel like....lol

    Great post, all caught up in just a few seconds.

    I will take your rain anyday, but can't complain it is 76 in Vegas on Memorial day, CRAZY, usually 105*
    I will take this La Nina, lol

  18. Hilarious boot story! I like Laura's suggestion, Mr Farmguy. Sending sunshine...

  19. How about Mr. Urban Farmguy, gets the point across, not too girly, I actually pinned your first image before I read that you had already pinned it too!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Laura

  20. Funny! Traveling is so much fun because you get to meet people like that German fellow.

  21. Wonderful post! gorgeous pics.

    Rain rain go away from here. go somewhere there is a drought. please.

    Barbara jean

  22. LOVE the images in this post. every single one could be framed.

    my farmguy?


  23. Made it...loved it!! The "Boots" bullet made my day! As for a nick name...no clue. I stink at nick names.

  24. We are in a totally different part of the country, but I am with you on the weather thing. The vegies needing sun to grow are sitting and waiting.

  25. Love your blog. I always think of your blog as fresh, as in a breath of fresh air. Making a point to start posting on the blogs I 'stalk'. I have been pondering an Ipad also so will have to see what your other readers have to say. Hope you survive your busy day with a smile!

  26. I love your photos! They're perfect, just absolutely perfect. As far as the iPad question, my boyfriend has one and it's honestly pretty darn cool. Once you get used to typing on it, it works as well as any computer as long as you're not running huge programs on it. As soon as my laptop dies, I will probably get to use his iPad for a while (since he has three other computers).

  27. Love this post! The boots comment made me laugh out loud!

    As for Mr. Urban Farmgirl ... I'd call him Mr. Urban Farmboy, or UFB, or just Farmboy. I'm a huge Princess Bride fan, and the Westley character (that hottie! so charmingly played by Cary Elwes) was called Farmboy in the beginning of the film, so I am totally partial to "Farmboy."



  28. Lovely pictures - very very pretty! As for the Ipad my sis in law has one and swears by it but is awaiting the new one being launched in autumn as it will 'do even more'! maybe it will do some of that furniture youve got on your to do list!

  29. -Call him "My Farmguy" or just Farmguy. It's hawt.

    -Please send the rain to Tennessee. This preggers gal can't take much more of this "record high" business.

    -Which was better? The discount. The compliment. Or watching your husband's reaction.

  30. My husband didn't wanted to be referred to as Mr. Cottage Muse so I just call him Jim, or the mister or my fisherman (his hobby). However I totally like Mr. Urban Farmguy myself!

  31. Ditto on Mr. Farmguy
    Ditto on uncheck the box. Worked for me too.

  32. The 'boots' made me laugh too! Did you try NOT clicking on the 'keep me signed in' box? It worked for me.

  33. i was thinking "Urban Cowboy" right away for your husband! very macho i think. who knew Hunter Boots were sexy to old men...LOL!!
    LOVE that 1st pic of the truck and bunting...will be repinning for sure!

  34. I too thought of "Urban Cowboy"....thoughts of John Travolta racing thru my head :)
    Or how about just " Farm Stud"? Every farm has a stud on it, right??

    ps - loved the bullets :)

  35. My vote is to stick with "the hubs". What does your husband prefer? His vote is the most important one!

    I have an Ipad (and my 12 yr. old daughter saved her money to purchase an Ipad 2). We love them! Couldn't live without my Ipad. I read e-books on it, check email, listen to music, store photos, play angry birds too much!, etc. I definitely would recommend an Ipad (and no, I don't own Apple stock or get a kick-back for endorsing the Ipad).

  36. Well at least your comments are working, mine apparantly aren't, grr! Had the same problem naming my hubby, Mr raggygirlvintage just wouldn't have gone down too well!!! Went with Mr Keeper (as in he's such a treasure I decided to keep him!), but can't say I put a whole lot of thought into it as you are doing!
    and I too am so tired of the rain and cold, come on summer!!!

  37. It was terrible weather for us at our lakehouse in Michigan this weekend, too. I thought the trees were going to blow over! And now more rain and heat here. Oh well...

    Love the boots story. At least you got the 10% off!


  38. Check out how often YOUR blog is pinned! It is time-consuming but oh so fun

    Stick with "hubs".

  39. I am addicted to pinterest too! I love the randomness of this post :)
    Oh, and I really, really like Urban Farmboy. Like you should have it put on a shirt. In a manly font :)

  40. I too love Pinterest...I often wonder WHY I am repinning or pinning a photo but I just love them so much!! About the IPad..I love mine...wouldn't give it up except for the IPad 2...I got mine for Christmas. Having a camera would be nice. Why don't you call your husband MR. URBAN...then people might mistaken him for Keith Urban....haha....

  41. I made it to the end... loved the post. Urban Farmboy sounds pretty damn cool to me... ;)


  42. This post was quite hilarious, thank ya very much. Loved it all the way to the end :-D

  43. -Aren't bullet points awesome?
    -So glad your commenters solved the blogger leave a comment mystery. It's been driving me nuts.
    -Hubs is pretty darn cute, but so is Urban Farmboy. I can't decide.
    -Pinterest has stolen my life from me. It's a black hole that I get sucked into on a daily basis.
    -When are you roadtripping to Montana?
    -Aren't bullet points awesome?
    -Did I already say that?

  44. Great post! I just the other day created a Pinterest account and cannot wait to get started.

  45. How about Handy "Hal"--insert his name after Handy!! Ha!!
    I call my guy Dr. John...he has a doctorate of engineering! So it fits!

  46. You're hilarious! How about 'Boots'...I'm sure he'll get the joke! Robx

  47. Awesome blog. As soon as I saw the pick-up, I knew I had to follow. I'm your latest follower.

  48. mary you are too funny! i loved this post, totally addicted to pinterest, cracked up at the old man with the accent story!, i like urban farmboy, sounds kind of cute! you are amazing i tell you, i don't know how you get all that done! have a great night! susan

  49. I don't know, My Hero comes to mind. He lifts heavy stuff and does tons of work behind the scenes and he's ready to defend you honor at a moment's notice. Plus, doesn't he build you things. Sound heroic to me.

  50. My Champion, Farmthrob, Farmdude, Farmchap, My One & Only.

  51. Yah right he said "Boots" ha ha ha! Love that your husband turned right around and walked away! Boy you are busy. Can't wait to see all your projects!

    I have an ipad and I love it! It if very addicting though because it is so handy but so worth it!


  52. Love this post. I have deliberately NOT looked at Pintrest- I waste enough time as it is surfing the internet!! I followed Anne's suggestion (from Fiona and Twig) to uncheck the "stay logged in" box with blogger- seems to work. Hubs- hmmmmmmm- hubs works for me (and mine!) Urban farmboy is funny, though. Ask him to pick his own name!!

  53. Hey Mary! I haven't had much time on the computer lately... busy, busy, busy, so I thought I'd pop over to see what you've been up to lately. Sounds like you've been busy, busy, busy yourself! Whew... that's a lot of painting you have to do!! I'm just painting one desk, and it's about killing me... lol!
    Lovin' all the pictures in this post... surprised to see mine of the tool caddy in there with them... thanks girl!
    As for a name for your "hubs"... I like "Urban Farmboy"... perfect! ;-)
    Hope you're having a great week, my friend!

    p.s. we're having rain, too... so weird...

  54. oh man...i really enjoyed this post! i needed a good laugh, so..."thank you!" what a great sense of humor you have. anyways...just reading through some of your old posts...i enjoy your blog. (relatively new follower) you do great work as well. take care!

  55. I love your blog and the particularly like the Dodge truck...always wanted one to have just for me and my Golden Retriever Samson. I'm guessin it won't happen though it's kind of a lofty dream but thanks for the picture anyway!
    from Canada