Monday, May 2, 2011

these boots are made for sellin'...

Is anyone still out there??

I have not posted in...well...let's see...FOREVER!!

I have been in "show mode" all month, which for me means working a ridiculous amount of hours painting furniture. I get a little carried away. I forget there is more to life than painting anything that will stand still.  I have promised the hubs a more 'normal life' this summer...a little more play and not all work. This past weekend I had my inagural show for 2011 and it was an interesting one, let me tell ya!

Saturday I only had 2 hours sleep before I had to wake up and drive to the flea in St. Charles, IL. I am not a girl that does well on less than 7 hours sleep, and I don't drink coffee. 

Enough said. 

We set the booth up. We were ready for a fabulous weekend. 

But then the 35 mph winds started...with gusts up to 50 mph. 

Yeeeeaah. Not fun. 

It goes without saying that 50mph wind + flea market = one really bad day. But Sunday was fabulous and people were out shopping and buying so the weekend reedeemed itself. For the most part, anyway. I am choosing to be grateful and look on the bright side.


(I have just had a slap in the face after looking in this photo. I think I need to do less painting, and more working-out. Skinny jeans + my thighs = SCARY! Sorry to do that to you so early in the morning! Hahaha!)

I thought I would show you some of the things I had at the show...this bed being my FAVORITE thing of all time. Can you believe the french style curved headboard on this little beauty of a bed?? And the best part...I had 2 matching beds!!

I so wanted someone with 2 little girls to take them home and put them side-by-side in a room full of girly goodness...but only one found a home, so the other is a orphan. If anyone is interested, let me know. I can ship it just about anywhere within the US.

I love the shade of this drop-front secretary desk. A light blue/gray...distressed to show some of the white underneath. The inside is awesome...little cubbies and drawers for storage!

This one is right in line with the french bed as one of my all-time favorites. A pale gray secretary cabinet...I painted the inside white...and behind the drop door the inside is white with all the cubbies painted in the gray. Soooo pretty in person! I was shocked no one took this one home!

Antique dressers with glove drawers are always a hit. This one found its home in a little girl's new room.

As did this armoire. There are drawers behind those top drawers. Always a is the name of the game!

The girl that bought this china cabinet had the greatest idea! I saw her take her shoe off and put it inside the door. Of course from across the booth I was thinking "what the heck"?? They when she was purchasing it, she told me Real Simple magazine showed a china cabinet painted with chicken wire in the doors to be used for show storage. What a cool idea! I didn't see that, but I guess Real Simple and I are on the same wave-length! She is going to put all her cute heels on display! Love that!

So there you have it. A little slice of the other side of my life. 

I am a girl obsessed with furniture. And white paint.

I met so many wonderful bloggers over the weekend! It was so fun to have you all come out and say "Hi". Thanks for making a girl feel so warm and fuzzy...and loved. Especially on such a windy day.

And you know what I realized over the weekend?? I was asked by a customer how long I have been doing this. When I did the math I realized that April was a milestone....11 years! I feel a celebration giveaway coming on!!!

I cannot even imaging what a 24 year old girl was thinking back then when she thought "Hey, I am going to start a business. I am going to give new life to antique furniture and sell it." My parents are proud of me now, but at the time I am sure they just wanted to say "You want to do WHAT??? Go get a real job!" Life is a funny thing, isn't it? You just never know where your path is going to take you.  

Ok, I am off girls. Right now my path is taking me to Target and the grocery store. The cupboards are bare.

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow sounds like you have had quite an adventure! So glad that Sunday turned out to be a good day. You are so right wind gusts and flea markets don't do to well together! Your furniture is all so very pretty!!

  2. your legs look perfect! Silly girl... I love your goods. Oh, and your boots too!

  3. haha awesome... 11 years is definitely in need of a celebration. everything is fantastic

  4. ok... if my thighs looked like that I would sooo wear skinny jeans! As always your goods are soo pretty. Looks like you had a good weekend even with the wind on Saturday.

  5. I would kill for those thighs... those boots, and possibly also that desk. Every piece looks gorgeous.

  6. I second the growers daughter! Enjoy your path, sweetie. Do you paint with chalk paint? Love the colors & finishes on the pieces.

  7. Oh man I adore what you do to furniture. Makes me want to drag my stuff out into the garage and give it all a makeover!

  8. Your furniture is beautiful! And I want to buy that apron you have on. Too cute! Have a great week.

  9. Ga-reat pieces!!!! All so charming and beautiful!!! I need another room in my house so I can fill it with all your goodies!

  10. all gorgeous... like you , my fave is the bed. glad you are back!!!

  11. Love it all!

    Your thighs? Silly girl, you look great!

    Happy Monday.

  12. Everything...ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is freakin fabulous!!!!! I am right there with you on the no coffee thing...sometimes it's tempting with no sleep!!
    Keeo up the awesome work!!

  13. Mary your furniture is just stunning! I love the chicken wire it adds so much! You are SO talented my friend!! And your wellies and apron are darling! Have a great week! Susan

  14. Everything is beautiful, as always. And you are right about the beds, they should have gone together! I can picture them in my daughter's room now :)

  15. Girl you look fabulous!
    Your furniture is always so pretty, congrat's on 11 years!

  16. Love it all & I promise after Miss O is all fixed up - I AM coming to one of those shows - I am!

  17. I so wish I could make it to one of your shows!

    And girl, from what I can see, you look just darling in those boots! :-)


  18. Love your furniture!! I love my Hunter's and think now I need your apron!

  19. Your furniture is gorgeous! I am soooo hoping i can make it to Kane County this summer so i can take one of those beauties home with me!

  20. I love that secretary~ If I didn't already have one, you would be shipping that to ME!! All your pieces look great and honey, your thighs do too ;)

  21. What are you talking about? You looked awesome. Dork. The dresser was a HIT and I can now see the carpeted floor in Keighley's room. So, when you come to Elkhorn, I need a white desk with drawers all the way down on both side, glass on top, and a chair...not curvy front but straight...tan linen seat....please :)

  22. That drop front desk is a stunner. Lovely stuff!

  23. You had some beautiful pieces to start with and I love the plain white paint on them!! Love everything.....oh and the thighs girl you are still in shape!

  24. What the heck is
    all that about your
    jeans?? I think you
    rocked them AND
    the boots! Wow, you
    have been working
    hard; great stuff!
    Hope to see you at
    Na-da, Mary!
    xx Suzanne

  25. your work is just beautiful ...

  26. beautiful furniture, glad your weekend got better!


  27. I think your furniture is beautiul! I love each piece you've shown. Congratulations on 11 years! You look adorable in your skinny jeans and boots!

  28. Oh....I saw those boots walk thru our booth and didn't know it was you


  29. I wish I looked that good in skinny jeans...!!!
    And the furniture...wowzers! Fabulous!!
    Love love love all the pieces!!
    11 years?? Good for you!!

  30. Sad I missed the show this month! I have been waiting for you to find the perfect daybed I can snatch up for my daughter, but I really really love that bed. Can you email me with a price? I might need to claim it.

  31. Wow've been busy! I love it all, but that bed is truly amazing. Do you suppose it would be silly for me to start dreaming about a one day future granddaughter, buy the bed, have you ship it to Montana, and then decorate a room for her?
    Sounds perfectly rational to me!

  32. The furniture is awesome and so are your thighs and those boots! Lol. Congrats on 11 years.

  33. You are too hard on yourself! Your legs and boots look great to me!

  34. What are you....a size 2..?? Please don't complain about your size and give the rest of us a break. It is a pet peeve when skinny women complain they look fat...Thank you

  35. Congrats in all of your success over the past 11 years. Your pieces are so inspiring. I absolutely love visiting here. And wish that I lived closer so I could pick up a piece of my own.

  36. Why can't you live close to me so I can buy your secretary. It is exactly and I mean exactly what I am looking for in my girls room. Love it!!!

  37. Didn't realize white could be so beautiful!!
    I bet it was fun!

  38. Lovely, so lovely!!! Glad you had a good show! And your legs look fab, silly!