Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i needed some pretty today...

It has been a loooong couple of weeks. I have been MIA from blogland so I have a lot of reading and catching up to do. The last two weeks have been a blur...we are trying to transition my mother-in-law to an 'assisted living' facility.

Wow. What an eye opener that is.

Who knew getting older was so much work!

In between forms, phone calls, visits, buying her all new things for her new little apartment...I have been feverishly painting about 9,712 new pieces for my booth at the flea market next weekend. So this morning I decided to spend a few moments getting lost in Pinterest. I love Pinterest. Whoever came up with this idea...I would like to tell you...I think you are pure genius!! Oh, and thank you for saving my hard drive. It was 90% full before I found you.

These photos really have nothing to do with this post. Other than I wanted to check in to say Hi to all of you...and share all the 'pretty' I am finding.

I am noticing a theme here though...all the photos I am drawn to today seem send the message "relaxation"...I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

I am heading back to the land of Pinterest for a few minutes. I want to squeeze in a a few more pretty photos until I am switching over to catching up on your blogs. Then its off to my warehouse to finish a piece a client is picking up today, a metting and lunch for my mother-in-law at her new digs, then back to my warehouse to paint furniture into the wee-hours.

Anyone wanna come help me? I play really good music...and tonight there just may be margaritas in the blender to help up get through the night! And did I mention my warehouse sits right on the river? I can open up the back side...at night it is so pretty! The breeze last night was incredible! Come on, didn't THAT make you all want to come help me? It could be a big blogger painting party!

Oh, and since this post has no real theme, and my subject matter is jumping all over the place...I have to ask...do you Pinterest??

Happy Day to you all!