Thursday, May 26, 2011

michigan or bust...

I {love} in down to my toes...LOVE a good roadtrip! 

I am a traveling girl. A gypsy, at times.

 It is in my blood.

The open road is one of my favorite places to be. To get lost with my thoughts.

To see what I can discover.

Fresh air, open fields as far as the eye can see.

*sigh* just makes me happy.

Today, I am leaving for a quick roadtrip.

Just me and the hubs. Listening to music, laughing 'til our sides hurt.

Stopping to gaze at the majestic Lake Michigan. I love it there. I have so many wonderful memories on that shoreline.

Have you ever been to Sleeping Bear Dunes in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan??

If not, you MUST go. It is incredible. I can't wait to see it again!

I swear it is the best kept secret of the Midwest. The dunes are so beautiful!

Tomorrow I will be getting my workout for the day climbing the dunes and getting sand between my toes...

(Unless I fall and roll down. Which, if you knew me, is entirely possible.)

And you KNOW I am going to stop at a farm or two along the way to see what I can dig up...if they will let me.


I will be back with photos from our trip on Monday.

Until then, catch me on Twitter. I'll be tweeting about our adventures from the road!

Au Revoir!