Wednesday, May 18, 2011

guest room...questions & answers

What a wonderful bunch of girls you all are! THANK YOU for the bottom of my heart for your sweet comments on my guest room update. I am always so busy painting furniture for clients, I rarely have time to show you snippets inside my home. Maybe I should start making time, it was so much fun!

I received so many emails regarding things I used in the room, so thought I would answer them in a blog post in case others were wondering the same things! So here it goes...your questions answered...part 1.

How did it happen that Cabbages & Roses became involved your guest room makeover?

I received an email one day telling me they had seen the post Andrea, from the blog Faded Plains, and I did about working together to make over my guest room. They wanted to collaborate with us, and each would get to do a space in our homes using Cabbages & Roses fabric. I was so excited they would even consider lil 'ol me! It was a very positive experience, and I would work with them again in a second!

How did you add the fabric to your headboard?

This is what my headboard looked like before:

(photo taken from the web, I forgot to take a "before"...oops!)

The headboard is from the Crate & Barrel Outlet store. I am lucky enough to live about 1 1/2 hours from Crate & Barrel headquarters in Naperville, IL. Their warehouse where everything gets shipped from is there, as well as an outlet store for damaged goods and overstock items. I was there one day and they had this headboard for only $59!! Score! I am a girl that *LOVES* a deal, so I threw myself on top of it before anyone else could snag it. (Seriously, I did. It was a Saturday and the place was packed! A girls gotta do what she needs to, you know!) It was marked down from some crazy price (I think about $1100) because it had a little black mark on the fabric. I knew it would be slipcovered someday anyway so that didn't stop me. I am a girl that always looks for potential, not necessarily the perfect piece.

I slipcovered it in the C&R Hatley fabric in Cerise, which is a wonderful faded red color. It is incredible in person!

Where did you get your duvet?

Pottery Barn. It is called the 'Hadley Ruched Duvet'. It was my one big splurge for this room. I am a thrifty girl, so it killed me to spend $179 on a duvet, but I love it so much. It was worth every cent!

Where did you get your bedskirt?

Target. It is from the Simply Shabby Chic line, and is called Snow White.

What color did you use on your dresser?
Where did you find the knobs you used on your dresser?

I used one of my favorite furniture grays...Silver Chain by Benjamin Moore. Pearl finish is my favorite sheen. I distressed it to show the white primer peeking through the gray.

The knobs are from Anthropologie. They are called the 'Gemstone' knob in clear.

Where did you find your gray curtain rod?

Well, I can never seem to find a curtain rod "off the shelf" that I like. Huge finials on the ends make me crazy, and I just wanted something more natural...vintage...simple. So I wandered over to the trim isle at Home Depot. It is actually just an unfinished wood 1 1/4" diameter closet rod, which cost about $10. I cut it to my length and finished it with white and gray paint I thinned with water. You can still see the wood grain through, so it looks a lot like my wood wall in the room.

The brackets are from Home Depot, too. They are in the curtain rod isle, and come in unfinished wood for $7.97. I just gave them the same paint treatment as the rod.

I will be back tomorrow to answer your questions about the wood wall! It was overwhelming to get messages from so many of you wanting to do the same treatment to a wall in your home! And to think I was hesitating on doing it! Poor Andrea was on the receiving end of about 10 phone calls where I was freaking out wondering if it would look "weird". Once is started to go up, I wanted to do it in every room in my house. I love it, and it was soooo easy!

Ok, girls. I am off to paint more furniture today! I have another  show in 18 days!