Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm flipping out...

Well, really just house-flipping, as they call it!

 I have been an absent blogger these last few weeks, so I thought I should explain a little. I have missed everyone...and THANK YOU so much for all the "Mary where are you??" emails! It sure makes a girl feel good to be missed! Here is the low-down on whats been going on in my world.

 I have been CONSUMED with trying to finish a house project we have taken on. The hubs and I do this about once every-other-year. We stumble on a house that had LOADS of potential but needs LOTS and LOTS of love. We give ourselves a time frame of 6 weeks to get the house done, and then its up for sale and ready to be a cozy new home for a new little family. 

I do 75% of the work...and I love every single minute! Choosing finishes, hanging light fixtures, painting walls...I just WISH I had more time to blog about it. 

Darn it. Reason #379 I need a personal assistant. Wouldn't it be fun to see this process step-by-step in real-world time...not edited HGTV time where it looks all fast and glamorous? Trust me, it is far from either one! Its exhausting and dirty but I looooove it so much!

Want to see photos of the house I am taking on at this very moment??

WARNING: The following photos may hurt your eyes. They may cause burning, stinging or for you to gasp out loud when you see them. We are talking some major ugly here, girls. 

Living Room

Living Room/Breakfast Nook

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

I cannot wait to make all those cherry-wood walls and ceiling beams bright white! 

It is a petite little house, which has unintentionally become my specialty. I have found a niche in the market of small starter homes, usually the buyer is a single, younger person. In my corner of the world, I have found the secret is making the house very "Pottery Barn". It appeals to the young, first time buyer that can't afford a large house with a large payment...BUT they cannot find what they like in their small price range. So, it has worked for me to make it cute...clean, simple, classically modern...and it sells fast every time! Lets pray this one goes the same way! 

The last time I sold a house we had redone, it was only 850 square feet..and I redid every single surface in the house for under $2000...it had new and cute everything! Bathroom, kitchen, flooring, windows, gutters, fixtures....we had seven offers on the day of the very first open house. Crazy for this market!! I hear the same thing over and over when I sell this size of house "I can't find anything this nice in my price range". Bingo! If anyone is thinking of doing a project like this, small houses seem to be the way to go!

I am not even going to show you the kitchen or bathroom yet.  I didn't want to do that to you on a beautiful Monday morning. There are some painful 1970s memories going on in those rooms, so I will save it for when I can show the before-and-after in the same post. 

Happy Monday, girls! 

I am off to start my workday! Paintbrush, here I come!


  1. Fantastic that you have found your niche and can use your creativity. I am saying woohoo wish I could do that too!

  2. WOW, I sure could use some of your ideas!! that's my plan for the house I'm in right now. Make it look cute, fix up the place without spending a fortune & make a profit selling it...

    You have a big fan here!!!

  3. Good for you!!! What an amazing and fun (despite the hard work I'm sure!) way to earn yourself some money and make someone very happy. I love a win-win situation!

  4. Bravo! You are really making some dreams come true through all of your hard work. I like your vision!


  5. You are just amazing and how blessed you are....I can't wait to see the results! Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  6. Wow, this is so inspiring!!! LOVE! Cannot wait to see the house transformation


  7. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see more!

  8. cause you LOVE painting. Guess what? My 15 year old spilled dark brown HAIR DYE down the front of the desk I bought from you. Yep. We may need some touch up paint here, ma'am. Thank God for the glass top.

  9. It sounds you really love what you do and having a great time doing it. Can't wait to see the finished pictures.

  10. I would love to redo a little house someday....not the least bit afraid of dirty work...love to make things pretty. BTW how did the estate sale go?

  11. Hi Mary! Your house adventure sounds like so much fun and it sounds like the perfect little niche.

  12. OH I WOULD LOVE TO BE YOUR ASSISTANT!!! Have fun!! What a fabulous job you have!!

  13. I'd love for you to sprinkle a little bit of your house selling success my way! :)

  14. Hi Mary,

    I came across your article in Artful Blogging {the first issue I picked up ever}, and loved it! And I LOVE this post! I seriously would love for you to come over my fixer upper home and do wonders to it with that budget!!! We have gone way past that amount so far in repairs, never mind the beautifying part of it...that is still in the works... **sigh** I know you are busy, but would love for you to let us in on how you are "flipping" the house to make it so cozy & functional for buyers with a decent budget. Anyway, I'm very excited to see the "after!" :) Have a great night and enjoy working on your projects!


  15. Can't wait to see how you transform this place!

  16. I just know your gonna make this place look amazing...can't wait to see it.

  17. Enjoy the process! Can't wait to see!!

  18. Hi! I was looking at your blog when I realized I was looking at a carbon copy of my house!
    I have done a bit of work since moving in - just paint and repair and I love my 1969 ranch. This is a Wausau home - a prefab. My home is a 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath with a full basement. On my Flickr I have a photo of the plans, too. Just thought you might find it interesting. Love your blog and can't wait to see what you do to this house! (I need some ideas!)

  19. Wow! Inspired by your success!! Can't wait to see what you do with her! :)

  20. I can't wait to see the "after" shots.

  21. mary you are my kind of girl! i wish i lived nearby this would be something i'd love to do but then you'd get stuck teaching me :) good luck i'm sure it'll be as successful as all your projects! can't wait to see it. susan

  22. Hey there,
    Just started following your blog and I love it. I have to say I can't wait to see the after pics! You are very brave tackling those hideous rooms,you go girl! I am sure the end result will be awesome! We have done up our little place and are trying to sell it, but so far not so good. I think the market here in Australia is just not so good at the moment! I am sure you will have better luck though! Look forward to seeing what you do with the place. Rachel

  23. What fun!! Sadly, our 1920 farmhouse was remodeled in parts in the 60's. What were people thinking in the 60 and 70's??? Just too many drugs or what??? Look forward to seeing what you do!

  24. Oh wow! I grew up in a Wausau Home in Somers, Wisconsin! The 'cherry wood walls' shot is exactly the same as my old bedroom. My parents still live in this house, which was built in November 1974. I'd really like to help them redo some of the rooms.

    I'm going to look around this site... Hopefully the 'after' pictures are available... and hopefully all went well with the renovation.

  25. Where is the next part of this remodel? pics etc?

  26. I would love to see what you did with this remodel. I bought a house that is similar and i can't figure out what to do with it.

  27. I have a wasau hom and I hate those wood walls and some kine of wallpaper that can't be painted. Do I have to take it down and put up dry wal;? I would sure like to see what you have done and how you have done it