Wednesday, November 30, 2011

are yours real or fake?

Ummmm...the subject of todays post is in Christmas Trees and Wreaths. 

Lets not let our minds go crazy places with what I am asking is real or fake, ok?

Trees. Wreaths. 

That is all. 

Just thought that title might wake everyone up this morning. 


Artificial trees & wreaths have always been part of my Christmas. My parents always had a 'fake' tree and I have 3 of them for our house, but truth be told, I {LOVE} the look of a real tree. 

I love the irregular shape, the smell, the natural look it has. It is just so "me".  

And to be honest, I love the idea of not having to store anything in my basement the 335 days of the year I am not using it. 

(By the way, isn't that mini flag bunting on the tree below just the cutest??? I am in love with it! I have a feeling we will be seeing bunting on one of our trees this year. It is just so simple and sweet. )

 I feel a little guilty about cutting down a living, thriving tree only to let it decorate my house for a month, then throw it to the curb as soon as its loveliness fades. But after talking to a blog friend on the phone last night, she has me feeling a little better about it. She pointed out tree farms grow Christmas trees just for this purpose, so I am not just randomly kiling an innocent tree. 

And I realize she probably things I am a total nut for even worrying about it in the first place. But I am making my annual trek to the Northwind Perennial Farm in Burlington, WI this weekend and I need to decide if I am going to come home with a tree strapped to my roof or not. 

(By the way...if you are anywhere near Southern Wisconsin and love big old barns, french pastries, gorgeous Christmas greens and fabulous antiques & home have to make the trek to Northwind. You can read about my visit last here and here. It is AMAZING!)

(all images can be found via my Pinterest board - Christmas)

So I just have to know, girls....


What are you doing this year?