Thursday, December 1, 2011

pharmacy cabinet potential...

I do the craziest things. 


I fly by the seat of my pants, jump in with both feet and hope it all turns out for the best. 

And I think this time I've done something that just might turn out to be quite fabulous!

Today my sweet hubs is taking me 5 hours to Indiana to pick up {FOUR} of these beautiful old pharmacy cabinets....once upon a time they were all lined up along the back wall behind a pharmacy counter. I found them in a little town in Indiana on my way to the Country Living Fair in September. They are so worth the trip back to pick them up! I hope you can see the potential like I do! 

( My apologies for the ugly photo...but I took it with my iPhone in a very dark antique shop. )

Not so spectacular now...but just you wait!

Each of the 4 cabinets has had a 1960s refinish job that went bad. Very, very bad. The pulls they put on are just tragic, the shelves hurt my eyes and the color of the stain....well...I am not having a love affair with that either. 

I plan on spending a little time this winter giving them the library pulls that would have been original...the kind that hold the little paper card - {LOVE!} 'old' shelves. I think the cabinet may reach out and hug me for making it pretty again. 

Happy Weekend, girls! 

Indiana here I come!