Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Northwind Perennial Farm 2012

Hello, girls! I have a busy day today...taking LOADS of photos of new things for my Etsy shop! Today I have scales, signs, transfer ware, a few industrial pieces and a collection of roses china and paintings from my grandmother's estate. 

Just thought I would check in with some photos from my weekend...I went to Indy on Friday and Saturday to pick of these 'ugly duckling' pharmacy cabinets but Sunday I made the trip to my beloved Northwind Perennial Farm in Burlington, WI. 

I love this place. Seriously. 

I would move into the barn and live there if they would let me. And not even care that I didn't have running water and heat. It is that beautiful in person.


Anyway, just some photos from around the grounds. If you want to see the barn or more photos when there was snow on the can read my two posts from last year here and here

On with the show...

Oh, amazing industrial light fixture, how I love thee. 

Have I ever told you I dream of owning one of those little old 1-story motels someday? I have had that dream since I was a little girl. The kind of retro hotel that used these chairs outside each is a dream of mine. But in the mean time, I will just obsess over the pile of rusty chairs. SO pretty!

Rusty goodness is everywhere on the grounds at Northwind...

And we all probably know by now of this farm girl's obsession with a barn. This is one of the many little ones around the property. 


I have always had an obsession with doors! Simple beauty. It is what I love the most. 

But this one is my FAVORITE!!!! Wouldn't this make a fabulous Christmas card for Urban Farmgirl this year??! Hmmm....I think I just had an 'ah-ha' moment!

If you are from the Illinois/Wisconsin MUST make the trip to Northwind. (This weekend will be the last they are open for business for 2011.) Springtime here is the BEST! Amazing plants fill the farm   (just about everything for my landscaping comes from here) and in June they have an antique show on the grounds that I LOVE, too! When I was there on Sunday we talked a little about my being a vendor in 2012! I have a warehouse busting at the seams with things waaaay to large for Etsy. I think its time to let some go!

Ok, I have to get back to work. The Etsy shop needs stocking! Don't forget to take a peek tomorrow morning for new things!


  1. Oh to be closer! I would love to visit this place! The greenery arrangements in the urns are really talking to me.
    Your a-ha thought, go for it!
    I'll be checking out your shop soon!

  2. This place is just beautiful! I can see why it's a favorite place for you to spend time and soak in the beauty and the nostalgia.

  3. Love this post! Chippy lovliness...sigh...wish I could be there :-) Happy Holidays! Agnes

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  5. I love barns too!! Thankfully they are abundant here in SoGA.

    those chairs?? love them!

    I can so see why you love this place. it's really is chippy/rusty heaven. ;o)

  6. A little pierre of heaven,How charming and beautiful!

  7. sure enjoy my visits here
    barbara jean

  8. What a magical place, love each and every photo!

  9. Do you think they'd let me live in that little red barn? Gorgeous, just my style!

  10. Love all those rusty beautiful things!

  11. Looks like my kind of place! I have a thing for barns, rust, and especially doors. (That would make a perfect Christmas card.)

  12. Gorgeous! Wish I could go. I can't believe you were in Indy. You should have looked me up!

  13. Oh! You posted about this last year and I knew right then that it was a place I would love. And I DO! I went yesterday and it was such a balm for my soul. Felt good to get out of the city (Mil.) and just drive. I am definitely a country girl. Thank you for writing about this last year.

  14. I wish I could visit this place! Sounds so wonderful!!! Love all the rusty goodness all around too!

  15. Oh how I wish we lived closer. We have nothing around here like this at all. Of course, if we did it would never make it the way the economy is here.

    I'm drooling at all the lovely eyecandy.

  16. Such an awesome place! Did you find some treasures?

  17. Oh my...this place looks beautiful!
    Going back to pin!

  18. OK, I will definitely have to put this place on my to-visit list! I live in northern IL, close to the WI border! :-)

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