Wednesday, October 14, 2009

book love...

My latest obsession is old books.
I love the typography...the old binding.
I especially have a love for books of a foreign language.
They were just so much more beautiful 100 years ago.

This past weekend, when we were out for "girls day" I happened upon a sign that said "barn sale".
When I see that...there is no stopping me.
I drive a little fast, roll through stop signs.
Everyone in the car knows they are just along for the ride at that point.
I think I may have a problem, really.

 We had 4 miles of a gorgeous fall drive through winding country roads with incredible orange and yellow foliage, so you would think the 3 other girls in the car would have been grateful for that...even if a "barn sale" was not their thing!

And then I saw it...a big 'ol barn with junk treasures all over the place. Old metal beds, rusty wagons, piles of old metal baskets...I was in heaven, I tell you!

I made my way inside...and on a shelf...calling me...were these beauties.

Now, I will friends just didn't get it. To them they were ready for the fireplace.
But not me..I had to have them.
The old paper covers, adorned with lovely old German script and numbers.
They date from the could you not want to give them a little love?

29 of them in all.
Check out the the old family tree!

Their home is going to be on a new bookshelf in my sunroom. We removed a doorway in lieu of a built in bookcase. It'is DIY every day around this house!
I'll show you their new home as soon as soon as it is painted and pretty!