Friday, October 2, 2009

kane county - this weekend!!

This is it, girls!!
The last weekend to see us at Kane County Flea Market until we return in May 2010!
(I can't believe I just said 2010...geesh!)

We have 2 trucks...the biggest U-Haul offers...loaded with goodies for the "last hurrah" of the year!
Seriously, I had a hard time getting the doors to shut, so I'm saying a little prayer they will open again...keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thank you for all your emails and phone calls wanting a little "preview" of what I was bringing. Due to this crazy cold and rainy weather...I wasn't able to snap pics as I was loading. For those of you that called and wanted a "special" piece, I have those set aside for you. So stop by the booth early...I will be in my usual spot.

 ~ Arena Building...right across from the Main Office for the Fairgrounds. ~

See you there!