Monday, November 23, 2009

i feel the love...

I thank you all for your emails, you are just so sweet and I am feelin' the painted furniture love over here, thats for sure! I am slooooly loading things up on Etsy, so bear with me.
A sincere THANK YOU to all you fabulous ladies that are patiently waiting for me to get my act together.

You see, with doing shows May-October, I don't have much of a life during that time. I work 7 days a week almost ever week of the summer. So, once that last show wraps in October, I relish in being able to do 'normal' things like...clean my house...cook...finsh off reno projects that are loooong overdue, do a little shopping now and then. Things I should always be able to do, but I have a little problem with the phrase "sure, I can get that done for you by next week" popping out of my mouth waaaaaay too often. I have been busy with custom orders, but with only 2 left to finish that I promised for this month, I have a little time to try to get some things posted before I start in on Decembers load. I am so lucky I love what I do!

So, heres a little preview. (sorry my pics are not the best, my camera had a little "accident" so I have to use my old one for a while.)

I have loads of frames to if you want enough to fill a wall, email me! I think I have 18 vintage ornate frames ready to go...

And yes....I finally have more necklaces done, too! If you ordered one, drop me an email to remind me! My brain is a little fried from all the paint fumes lately...I don't want to forget anyone!

To check out the few things I have listed...visit me on Etsy. I have a way to go to "pretty" the shop, but I at least wanted to get some things posted!