Tuesday, February 2, 2010

can anyone help a girl out?

Ok, raise your hand if you are hopelessly in love with TJMaxx, Marshalls
or Home Goods...

If someone asked me that...I would be the crazy kid in the back of the class waving my arms like I was trying to land an airplane.

Seriously. I love those stores. For me, its like a flea market fix...only with new stuff. I walk in having no idea what I am looking for...or what I will find...but always manage to walk out with a cart full!

Today, I have found something I have been searching for...I love it when that happens! I look for months and months...almost give up hope...then there it is! I swear the skys part and I hear singing.

I did a post some time ago about a spice rack I was making for my kitchen. Martha Stewart inspired me...but I was having a hard time finding the jars I wanted. They needed to be larger than the usual spice jar. And I wanted them to look vintage, but be new.

And then today....I found them...at my local Marshalls.

*instert parting skies and the singing here*

Each one is a little over 5" tall...and 2.5" in diameter.

But...I need more of them...so that is where I am hoping one of you girls can help me out.

If you get to one of the above mentioned stores...and find these little beauties...I would be more than happy to make it worth your while! They were filled with all sorts of things, most had peppercorns in them. I don't care what is inside. I am going to empty the jar and soak the label off.

Maybe someone knows of a source for these type of jars...only empty?