Tuesday, February 2, 2010

can anyone help a girl out?

Ok, raise your hand if you are hopelessly in love with TJMaxx, Marshalls
or Home Goods...

If someone asked me that...I would be the crazy kid in the back of the class waving my arms like I was trying to land an airplane.

Seriously. I love those stores. For me, its like a flea market fix...only with new stuff. I walk in having no idea what I am looking for...or what I will find...but always manage to walk out with a cart full!

Today, I have found something I have been searching for...I love it when that happens! I look for months and months...almost give up hope...then there it is! I swear the skys part and I hear singing.

I did a post some time ago about a spice rack I was making for my kitchen. Martha Stewart inspired me...but I was having a hard time finding the jars I wanted. They needed to be larger than the usual spice jar. And I wanted them to look vintage, but be new.

And then today....I found them...at my local Marshalls.

*instert parting skies and the singing here*

Each one is a little over 5" tall...and 2.5" in diameter.

But...I need more of them...so that is where I am hoping one of you girls can help me out.

If you get to one of the above mentioned stores...and find these little beauties...I would be more than happy to make it worth your while! They were filled with all sorts of things, most had peppercorns in them. I don't care what is inside. I am going to empty the jar and soak the label off.

Maybe someone knows of a source for these type of jars...only empty?  


  1. Mary~~~~~*

    How nice that you found some of the jars you were looking for. I'll keep my eye out for you. Martha's spice rack is gorgeous. I have a custom made spice rack too but each shelf is a different height to hold different size jars. Have you thought to try IKEA? I found some neat shaped jars and bottles there...


  2. Janie, Ikea is a great idea! I have one about 45 min from me...I will have to make a trip in! Thanks for the tip! I forget about them sometimes! ;o) ~mary~

  3. Oh fantastic! I too would be waving my arms frantically in the air over this one! I just was at TJ Maxx Saturday & scored some amazing bath towels! If I go and see these - I'll pick some up. It's 45 minutes away though, so I'm not sure I'll be there anytime soon. However - I'll send the link to my Mom - she's there ALL the time!

  4. Hi Mary, Marshall's is right by my favorite thrift haunt, I will run in and check for you today before I get the baby! I'll let you know.


  5. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
    ps - What are you gonna do with all those sprinkles and peppercorns?? Wouldn't that make for an interesting cookie... :)

  6. You just named my favorite stores. Seriously I was just in TJ Maxx over the weekend. Great stuff...super cheap:) I will keep a look out for you!

  7. http://www.origincrafts.com/co2154.html
    Hey girl, these have a bale closure...not like the kind you are looking for exactly...but maybe close enough?
    I feel the EXACT same way about those stores too? Will you be my new BFF? We seem to have similar junking tastes.
    Today I discovered your blog and I like it very much. Will be back, good luck in your search.

  8. Mary,

    I think I found them for you! Try www.beau-coup.com/spice-jar.htm

    First visit to your beautiful blog. I will be returning.


  9. Love your blog. I have the same jar in my pantry (colored sugar) and saw that the company website is www.peppercreekfarms.com in Lawton, OK. I'd suggest calling them (800-526-8132 or 866-972-6879) and ask to speak to either someone in Marketing or Procurement, or Sales, etc. (someone beyond customer service or the receptionist who is likely to help) Then ask who their packaging supplier is and get a contact for them. I'm sure they'd be happy to help and it would probably be alot cheaper. Not sure, but the jar's product number might be what's on the bottom of the jar.

  10. Jeanne! What a great idea! You are one resourceful lady...THANK YOU! I think I will do just that tomorrow. I have a TJMaxx not far from me so I am going to drive there tomorrow to see what they have. But if that fails I will be calling that 800# as soon as I get home. Thanks...and so glad you love my lil 'ol blog! ;o) ~mary~

  11. I love Marshall's. I was just thinking of how I love them like a flea market only for my new stuff. That is hilarious! I went there tonight and I was just putting away some goodies.

    I have red and white Martha Stewart spice labels that I have had for about a year and I have been on the hunt for larger than normal jars and have not found them. Maybe good old Marshall's will come through. I was just at Home Goods and our TJ here isn't great.

    Good luck !

  12. I think you know my answer to your question, my twin separated at birth. I am actually going to go and buy a whole stack of new towels for my bathroom- all matching- yup. Unbelievable etravagance. I mean, how can I get it to look like a magazine if my old burgundy , grren and blue towels from the 90's mix with my tan and blue and chocolate from 3 years ago? I need all cream towels STAT. Need any paint rags?

  13. Hi there, stumbled across your awesome blog and found a spice jar that looks very vintage to me. The round one.


    hope this helps!

  14. btw...how did you make that spice rack? I LOVE it soo much!

  15. I just returned from the Home Goods and TJMaxx near me (Morton Grove, IL) and there were 21 jars at the Home Goods and another 15 or so at the TJ Maxx a few doors down. Let me know if you need me to pick some up for you.

  16. Sounds like you got some answers, they were all out at Marshalls by me I checked yesterday... :( hopefully Jeanne has the hook for you!

  17. Just stumbled on your blog-you are in luck I have a Marshalls, TJ MAxx and Home Goods within a five minute drive of my home - I will take a look today-they are my weekly obsessions!

  18. very cute jars!

    I know some online places sell commerical/wholesale packaging, and lots of food jars too.

    you should check them out, they even have live chat you can link your jar image to:


  19. Those bottles are darling...have you looked at Michael's...they have cute little bottles that look a lot like that....and they're only $1.00 each.

  20. OK....I seriously need to come to wherever you are & go thrifting w/ you!!! I AM DYING HERE!!! You have found so many wonderful goodies! I seriously cannot believe the prices!! What fun :-) Too funny that you found the exact same sugar bowl thingy! Boy do we have great taste or what?? ha ha ;-)

    I'll keep my eyes open for bottles!


  21. Mary, I love your blog! Hope you got the info about the container-store i sent you! (containerstore.com) Looks like you got a lot of great ideas.


  22. http://www.crateandbarrel.com/family.aspx?c=4020&f=24141

  23. Mary,
    Cute post! I was wondering where you found the Martha Stewart spice jar idea? I will be on the look out for spice jars like you need:)! PS: If you happen to find that link and dont mind sending it to me, my email is ashley_noelle01@yahoo.com. Thank you!