Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a room with a view...

I did a post a couple of weeks ago about a historic house that I fell in love with while visiting my mom in her recovery center. She is starting to joke that I am coming to visit her just so I can see these houses! The one I am showing you today is right across the street from the one in my first post...and it has made me an all out-stalker.


I have pinned down that the owners appear to be in their 60s. She has gorgeous silver hair in the cutest little bob haircut...and always wears a short mink coat. He also has a full head of thick silver hair, they drive away together in a beautiful black Mercedes SUV.

See. Told you I was a stalker.

Actually, I have just been spending waaaay to much time staring out that window. You can't help but notice these things, right? Over the last month I have seen these people so much, and have imagined for hours on end what their house must look like inside...that I almost have the nerve to ring the bell and ask if I can see inside!

But I think that would be crossing the lines into all-out-stalker...as in call the police, honey - there is a crazy lady at the door with a camera!

Here are a few photos...tell me you wouldn't go a just a tiny bit insane of this beauty!? Oh, and sorry they are a little crooked...and not the best photos...click on them to get a much better view. I had to dart in and out of the intersection between school buses and kids in the crosswalk. This baby is a block from a school.

View from the street. And yes, the house is an octagon shape...and solid brick! That was some serious money back in the day.

Isn't she gorgeous!??

I want sooo bad to get into that room at the top! Do you see it?? Now that is the place for a sunroom! Actually, I would put my office up there. This house sits on top of a hill in the neighborhood, so the view would be fantastic! I would get to see all the beautiful homes in the neighborhood with a birds-eye-view!

This is the door next to their garage. I am in love with that screen door.

From the front you would never guess this house is so HUGE! Looks like it may have had a couple of additions, but in person it is very authentic. All the brick matches, and it looks old and full of character.

Who knows...maybe I will get up the nerve to knock this week. They may be flattered I asked, right? I hear they are on a historic house tour during Christmas time, so they should be used to strangers snooping around their house. I just want a personal tour, is that too much to ask??