Tuesday, February 23, 2010

did I...or didn't I...buy that big ol' cabinet???

Well girls...I have made a decision.

It is not a decision I have taken lightly....because I guess when it comes down to it - I'm a cheap girl -

In terms of what I want to pay for my wood furniture pieces, that is.

 You may remember...a few days ago I did a post about this big, beautiful glass front cabinet...

I wanted it soooo badly when I first laid eyes on it.

Tall, dark and handsome...it was just what I have been waiting for my whole life.

The sliding glass doors...the original metal pulls...I had.to.have.it.

But the price....$850...ouch-o-rama!

So I talked to the owner of this lovely cabinet.

I told him how I ran up and hugged it the moment I saw it. He either thought I was totally crazy...or was really crazy in love with it.

I told him about how I wanted to fill it with my white ironstone collection. He said "no way could you have enough ironstone to fill an 8ft x 8ft cabinet!" And I replied "uuuhhhh....yeah, I actually do." From over my shoulder my always silent husband says "Yes, trust me...she does." Thank you, baby for helping me make my point! I love how when I want something, he always wants it to. Even though he could not care less about all these white dishes or a big old cabinet to put them in. Love that guy.  

I wanted him to see...I need this cabinet...and this cabinet needs me.

He told me there were originally 3 cabinets like this, and they came from a room of an old Opera House. He had already sold the other two for $1,500, and that was a deal. Yikes.

The $850 was way more than I was wanting to pay, so when I heard the other two went for $1500...I knew I didn't stand a chance at talking him down.

But, when I want something...I cannot be stopped. I will make it happen.

No is not a word in this girl's vocabulary.

So I went home and "slept" on it.

But there really was not much sleeping involved...

I was plotting and planning how to make this happen...

So I talked to him again...I used a few tricks that usually get me the deal I want...and I think just to get rid of me...he sold it to me for one heck of a sweet deal! He knocked $200 bucks off...and this baby is officially mine!

I pick her up Saturday...then the transformation begins. 

Now, lets hope she turns out as fabulous as this one...I just happen to have chairs similar to these...and I am on the hunt for a farm table like this one. Isn't it a tragedy there is no chandelier hanging above the table? That light is just wrong!

(no idea where this photo is from...its been on my computer forever..if someone knows, please tell me!)

Wish me luck on getting her home!

I will be sure to show you pictures when I get her done! If I can figure out what all those buttons mean on my new camera. I can never get good shots inside my house!? Anyone that knows, feel free to come on over and show me how!