Wednesday, September 8, 2010

farmhouse love...

I spend way too much time looking at real estate listings...tonight I am eye lids and heavy and I have an early day tomorrow...but I couldn't go to bed without showing you this beautiful home!

I have always had a love for architecture, especially historic homes.

But usually, I find myself sifting through the listings of new construction that have not seen a coat of paint since 1976 with their blue shag carpeting...I come across one that stands out from the rest and totally makes my search worth it.

Here is today's "stand-out"...

I introduce you to...

103 Broad Street

a 1780s New England Farmhouse that has me drooling all over my keyboard!

It just looks so peaceful...I can almost feel the breeze...

The gardens are fantastic...and the little dog is pretty cute, too.

I would have to change the color of the shutters...I am seeing something lighter.

Gorgeous gardens...

And that fence? How cute is that????

I am crazy about this room. I already have a vision of it decorated in all white at Christmas time!

I would like to get my hands on both the mirror and that chandelier...

Oh, and this chandi, too!

Love how every room has a fireplace!

Even the dining room!

Look at the size of this one!

If this was my house, I would have to put in the fine print that all the chandis were coming with me...not staying with the house!

Should I call and ask if the frame and that dresser are for sale??

I want those in my house!

L-O-V-E the staircase!!

In my book, there is no such thing as too much white!

Ooooh...and the wide-planked heart pine floors are incredible!


My guests would never leave if I put them in a room like this!

I believe it is a rule that you must "bathe" and not "shower" when you own a tub like this.

But seriously.

This is when renovating goes horribly wrong.

Don't get me wrong, the kitchen on its own is very nice. But it does not flow with the style of the house at all.

This was such a disappointment to me.

Sad. Very sad.

Such a missed opportunity to capture the spirit of this house with a spectacular kitchen!

But I love me some little buildings with old white siding!

 I am seeing my little shop set up out there!

Now...if only I had an extra $795,000 laying around...

Oh, and an extra $50,000 to give it the kitchen it deserves!


  1. Just beautiful Mary! You are right though, that kitchen is just out of place in that house. Too modern looking. I would have used more vintage type fixtures and lighter colors. BTW...replacing all of those shutters would be a fortune...have you counted the windows? LOLOL

  2. Ick!
    I hate that kitchen! I couldn't agree more, they just stuck in the standard, McMansion kitchen with the cliched granite countertops.

    But the rest?
    And I would TOTALLY pull your hair to get that mirror over the mantle. ;-)

  3. Oh, it is wonderful. I wonder why they want to move? I'm not lovin' the shutters or the kitchen either.

  4. Oh that house is DREAMY. I can see myself floating around the house, enjoying taking in the lovelness as I hum a little song. Then I walk into the kitchen and WHAM! It's like being in a 90's model home! It's a TIME MACHINE! ...makes me sad too!

  5. Who cares about that kitchen - I would shabby it up in a second, a bit of grey and a bit of sanding - voila! I would kill for that type of house. One day....

  6. I love the house... it has a TON of shutters.. what color would you paint them? Love the bedrooms... and the chandys too...
    The kitchen looked out of place.. was hoping to see white cabinets and white marble counters and white subway tile backsplash etc...

  7. What in the WORLD happened with that kitchen??!! The rest of the house....bliss!

  8. Okay, I'll take it! Oh, that's right I don't have that kind of money either! Wanna go halvsies? I'm sure together we could fix that kitchen!

  9. Wow! It is beautiful!! I love it all!!

  10. Love that house. That kitchen is like the ugly step-sister! A bit of white paint would help but I don't like the counter tops. I can see cabinets with latches, white marble on the counters. Footed cabinets! But if I had the moolah for the house, that would be the simple fix! I agree let's go in together and it can be our summer home! I 'll live in it during the other months and maintain it! ;)

  11. oh my good gracious ...
    well, a girl can dream can't she?

  12. Beautiful! but when I saw the kitchen I gasped. Did not flow with the rest of the house. I would love a big farmhouse with porches and swings. Jackie

  13. I love everything about it! (you are right.. not that crazy about the kitchen but I could live with it for a bit!) Especially love the floors ...


  14. I'm in love minus that terrible kitchen, what a beautiful farmhouse!!

  15. Oh my, that kitchen! But the rest of the house is just beautiful. Yep, I could live there.

  16. Very, very Gorgeous house!! I'm drooling with you!! I agree with you regarding the kitchen. It doesn't flow with the rest of the house and even lost some of its integrity by altering it to make it look "modern"...what a shame...

  17. OK you know I'm not a white gal, but oh my I love this house. I would love white trimwork like that & floors in my house - that's the best thing about old magnificent homes! So much amazing character! Then you got to the kitchen and my jaw dropped - seriously?!? I don't know who was in charge of that reno, but it's just terrible. It's not even a good modern. It doesn't flow at all - so sad about that - I wish I knew what the old kitchen looked like. I also agree with my Mom - we should all win the lotto - buy it as a summer home & rip that kitchen out!

  18. Beautiful house!! I love every room but the kitchen, at least not in that house. That really is too bad. I love the bedroom with the fireplace, that is my dream!! And you are right, there is no such thing as too much white!!!

  19. That house is everybit beautiful, and I totally agree with the kitchen. How fun would it be to have created an old farmhouse kitchen but with modern appliances that look old. I love those modern ranges that look like a stove that should have been in this kitchen. Oh and a beautiful old farm table made from reclaimed wood...maybe from an old barn! : ) Maybe someday you will own a home like this and we can all drool over your decorating!

  20. That is gorgeous! But it wouldn't take $50k to slap some paint on those cabinets for the time being!!! After you make some money in your "shop" on the property, then you can fully remodel the kitchen. :)

  21. Oooh, yeah...if only. But it was fun looking!! Thanks!

  22. A lovely place - till you walk into the kitchen! That was seriously WRONG - zowie!!! They need to push the DELETE button, and "do over"!

  23. wow, what an awesome place! that kitchen looks like it's from another house.....hope you are well!! susan

  24. WOW!!! I LOVE that place too!!! A little out of my pricerange..ok ALOT out of my price range....but sooo beautiful..even the decor is perfect! It I bought it i would ask for all the furniture included!lol..that kitchen needs some serious white paint!!! Thanks for sharing it..Rachel :)

  25. Just found your blog and am so glad I did, I love it! I'm going to go look around some more.

  26. Just beautiful! I think I should do more white in my home after looking at that lovely home. Thanks for sharing. Check out my new blog and "Follow" when you have a moment! I enjoyed my visit!

  27. love, love, love that home...although I could get over the kitchen for that home...and I completely agree with you on the shutters...definitely something lighter....maybe a gray/blue with a bit more blue to it...
    the floors and gardens are amazing too!

  28. Wow... it really is the PERFECT farmhouse... gorgeous!! Except for that kitchen, like you said... I hate when people do that. I've seen much worse, though. That price is exactly why I don't live in my dream home. It either looks like this beautiful farmhouse and is WAY too much or is in my price range and is a dump (LOL)!
    Thanks for sharing it with us... hope you got enough sleep for your busy day. :)
    Hugs ~ Jo

  29. You have great taste. What a fabulous house and property.

  30. that house is *fabulous*!! but that kitchen....hhhmmm....not so much...heck i do believe i could live in the little outbuildings...*dream*...
    btw~did you get my email??? i never did get the questions, even went back through my trash...didn't see anything come through...let me know...

    prairie hugs,

  31. Wow, how did that kitchen end up in that house??? Don't get me wrong, my kitchen has darker granite counters, and a coffee finish (0ld world) style cabinet and I like them, but they do flow with the rest of my home. That kitchen just stops you dead in your tracks in comparison, what a shame to lose the feeling of the rest of the home, the kitchen is the heart after all. : ) Carrie Ann

  32. Oh Mary, I fell in love with this beauty...except the kitchen of course. Yes, it is very sad indeed. But the rest of the house and property made me swoon. Almost enough to leave my lovely Idaho.

  33. LOVE this house, how gorgeous. But you are totally right with the kitchen...such a missed opportunity! Makes me want to go work on it myself!

  34. Your found a good one Mary! You can definitely feel the sweet country breeze and smell the fresh air just by looking at the pictures. Dreamy! Totally agree about the kitchen though.

  35. Oh my gosh......THAT is one perfect farmhouse (except for that nasty kitchen, of course...)! But the rest of the house is absolutely perfect! You wouldn't have to do a thing to it! Dreeeeeamy!!!!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  36. That kitchen is dreadful. We have been looking at homes in Florida and keep seeing kitchens like that in the listings. Granite and medium wood. Typical condo kitchen, not what I would expect from that gorgeous home.

  37. What a gorgeous home! That's always been my favourite style of house - big square rooms, wide plank flooring, white siding.... beautiful (except for the kitchen!)

  38. you had me until that 1/4 mill. price tag...and that AWFUL kitchen....but geez! paint those cabinets white and not so bad!!!

    you are coming along quite well with that furniture of yours though Mary!! you can do this!

    because that house looked like yours! and if you do that shop in the back? well...perfect!!!!

    looks like I might be seeing you this weekend up at JB! i'll keep an eye for ya....

  39. That's one great house...but are you sure they just didn't put in the wrong photo for the kitchen...that kitchen looks sooo out of place with the rest of the home.

    P.S. I just sent you an email...did ya get it?

  40. Amen Mary! That kitchen makes me cry :( - if they only had all of us to help them *tee hee... I LOVED that mirror above the fireplace in the white room - amazing!
    Happy Monday, The Lady

  41. How did you find MY house? LOL! Really I have been looking at this house...amazingly small world! My husband and I want to retire to Maine and I've been searching a bit for houses. It is a beautiful place isn't it? But the kitchen is not what it should be!!! Great post!!

  42. I just found your blog and my heart is doing some serious thumping over this house! Wow, it's beautiful!!! It's nice to meet you and I'm happy to have found your blog. As you can tell...I've been reading through your wonderful posts.

  43. OMG, we have so much in common. I'm addicted to Real Estate listings and redecorating people's homes in my mind. You would laugh, my other half and I will be sitting in the LR, both on our laptops and we will email listings to each other.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog.


  44. I am with you. Never too much white. That house is dreamy. I like to think about all the stories it holds. and the kitchen . . holy cow. not at all what should be there!