Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Junk Bonanza 2010

Whew! What a weekend it was!

I drove 700 miles in 36 hours. I would say that falls into the "whirlwind trip" category!

But, I have to say...what I saw of Junk Bonanza...was FANTASTIC!! I am going next year, for sure.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff.

The bonanza of junk.

I loved every last drop of it.

This is going to be a very random, crazy post, but tomorrow I will show you 2 of my favorite booths.

Industrial lighting was everywhere! I would say my style is farmhouse coastal with an industrial twist...so these were right up my alley.

(And yes, you read that right...I did say farmhouse-coastal-with-an-industrial-twist. Don't even try to figure it that one out!)

I was crazy about these frames...isn't that old aqua paint fabulous??

Oh, and the clocks. I can't forget those! I have a little "thing" for them. Old beat-up looking silver ones are my favorite.

I am kicking myself for not buying this one. $12!! Only $12 and I didn't get it?? Ugh.

Love these, too...

This barn door reminded me of my up-coming barn-tearing-down project. I can't wait to get my hands on a few of these. I am planning a giant armoire for my husbands "man room" with doors like these. I think it will be a perfect things to hide his giant TV. Ahhh..chippy and beautiful. We will both be happy.

I thought this old cart would be nice parked in the woods behund my house. I envisioned white flowers spilling out the top. It would be dreamy, don't you think?!

Can it get any better??

Why yes, it can. And it did.

Friday night I met up with a few familar faces from blogland. These girls are all beautiful and just as sweet as I had hoped.
(Sorry...photo is a little fuzzy but you can still those gorgeous girls!)

(me, Traci, Becky, Jen, Suzanne)

I was actually really nervous about going to the party. I am not a "party girl" by any means, it is just so much pressure, you know? Will I be what they expect?? Will they be what I expect?? But, I have to say...they were all fabulous! I wish I would have taken more pictures!

And on a totally random note...I just had to let Becky know I was thinking of her yesterday! Yes, Miss Becky I am talkin' to you! This is a response to your post yesterday saying I never post photos of myself...so here you go!

My husband and I took a walk in the woods yesterday morning so we did a couple just for Becky...cheesy senior portrait style!!

Yes, these are meant to be a joke. We were laughing so hard when we were taking these. I don't pop my head through trees and give my best broken-neck tilt for just anyone. So Miss Becky, here you go. Photos of me...bad hair and a hoodie sweatshirt. This is how you will find me on a normal day.

Ok, now you know why you never. ever. see photos of me on my blog. I just love you girls too much to put you through that.

~ smile ~

Happy Tuesday, girls!


  1. You're beautiful, and breakfast with you was definitely one of my favorite parts of the Bonanza. :-)

    Miss you already!


  2. Mary you are beautiful! Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time at the Bonanza! I love the second light from the left in the second photo! Those alarm clocks - in the group photo of them I see one that I would have "just had to have." Yes, that wagon would be dreamy set up as you described it.

    Have a fabulous day!

    ~ Tracy

  3. What a wonderful time!!! All that gorgeous stuff, I don't if my little heart could have taken it! :) The cart is so adorable, and would so perfect how you described it!

    Don't hide, you are beautiful!!!!

  4. Hello Mary. So great meeting you and spending time together last weekend. Such Fun!! Love your pictures for Becky. Made me laugh.

  5. Girl YOU are a doll. I am not lying when I say that when I saw you in person I was a little taken back by how pretty you are. You have gorgeous eyes. I'd be showing them off in every post. You know I would!!! Keep 'em coming:)

    Oh and you got some really good shots of the market. Mine were horrible. Loved all the lighting. If I had a place I would have snatched one of them up fast.

  6. your fair foray looks fantastic as do you! so many lovely things out there; yet seemingly a little thin on the ground over here in Northern France at the moment...

  7. Ok friend, I am waiting for Kane for more, more , more details....It was hell not going. I was miserable. I kept wondering what I was missing. I keep pouring over the pictures and kicking myself. Next year, I am finding a way.

  8. oh fun! i love it that you included some cute shots of YOU!!! pretty girl!
    love all the junk goodness at junk heaven...waht fun...i can't even imagine

  9. oh my gosh Mary...too fun! your pictures and JB...missed you all so much - and I would have loved to finally meet Becky - and see Suzanne again gosh darn it - you cracked me up with your cheesy senior picture - but they are good! not cheesy at all!!! woods behind your house: how nice!

  10. Fun post, can't wait to see more! You should post pictures of yourself all the time, your so stinkin cute!

  11. sounds like a fantastic trip, love all of the industrial lighting as well...and you are just so pretty, loved the photos, even if you were just being silly!

  12. dreamy. i love all the pictures. and the clocks, never thought about them before but i think, i like em'

  13. Hi. Love that you posted a pic of yourself..nice to put a face with the words! JB sounds and looks just as I knew it would..great! I so wanted to take a road trip but 41 hours by myself...:-(...not really. maybe next year I can round up a few others to make the trip with me!
    Enjoy your blog alot!
    Tammy :-)

  14. next year ~~ road trip ... I'm in!!!

    you're too cute for words

  15. You look great even being silly! I love putting a face with a blog. :) Looks like a great show. Beautiful things. I especially love the lighting. I would love one of those lights in my kitchen. How fun that you got to meet the other blog girls.

  16. Oh I am so JEALOUS! Everything looks fabulous! I don't know how to wrap my style up into a category, but I definitely like the industrial things - old metal with some rust just screams my name :) It's one of my goals to make it up there in the future. Love the pictures too!

  17. Girl, we have exactly the same style!
    Seriously, I think I'm a farmhouse-coastal-industrial gal, too. Emphasis on industrial.
    I'm swooning over those light fixtures.

    And with dimples like those, you really need to be in front of the camera more often. You are adorable!!!

  18. You are adorable...and you wear the same "uniform" I do most days. I'm so bummed I couldn't make it this year...I would so have loved "meeting" you...hopefully next year.

  19. Sounds like an amazing weekend! So great to meet fellow bloggers too!
    Your pics looks great - you should show them off! But then again I'm one to talk - my blog has been photo-free right from the start! :)

  20. ~*~*WOW Mary!!! Amazing items! I would have drove that far too to be there!;) The pics of you are adorable!~**~Hugs,Rachel

  21. By the way...did ya get the email I sent you before your trip?


  22. I am so jealous! You go to all the best shows!! Our tastes are so similar... LOVE all the eye candy!! Oh... and the pictures of you are adorable, even if they were meant to be funny! :)
    Hugs ~ Jo

  23. fabulous dimples and industrial lighting...this post couldn't have been any better!! ;0)

  24. Mary ~ Oh! how I loved those clocks... next year, right?!
    You're SO a cutie - The Lady of the House

  25. Too cute! You're adorable!

    Looks like you had a great time. Love the pics!

  26. Ha! you are too funny! Love your pictures.

    So glad to here you had a great time. I was able to find a few treasures to take home with me, including a clock(I have a clock thing too!)

  27. My goodness you are beautiful -You should post one of the pictures on your sidebar.

  28. Oh my WORD, I LOVE those light fixtures! I would've taken pictures of those, too! Looks like an easy DIY project for our farmhouse renovation! Thanks! Have a great rest to your week!

  29. Great post! I love you photography! Lol on the pictures I am the same way! Your beautiful! have a wonderful day!! lulu

  30. Your pictures turned out fabulous Mary!!! And yes, that includes those beautiful pictures of you!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  31. What a cutie patootie you are! I loved all the lighting.. I still haven't done anything with my kitchen lights. But I think I have a plan.!? BTW I collect old clocks too. Love them! Used a bunch at Ab's wedding on the time capsule table.. you will have to check out pictures of it on her blog. Annie cabbaged on to a bunch of them for her bedroom!! I love your music as always! It makes me so happy !!

  32. What is your email address? The one listed above does not work?

  33. You are adorable! Love the pictures of Junk Bonanza and I see lots of things I would have loved to bring home.
    xo, Sherry

  34. You are so pretty! Oh...I knew I should've went to Junk Bonanza, what great stuff. I really love the light fixtures.

  35. Great photos! It was a wonderful sale! I am a new follower!

  36. Mary ~ I am sooooo glad Becky called you out because I love seeing photos of bloggers too...Junk Bonanza seems amazing...a must go and so glad you had a great time....hoodie and all...you take great pics!!!!

    and by the way...I think you just described my decor style...I feel so far away from it...but you got mine perfectly...I just never had a name until

    farmhouse coastal with industrial twist

  37. Mary, it was fun to see what you look like. You are a beautiful lady, both inside and out! And I know you had fun meeting blog friends. Layla is precious, I'm sure! I love those light fixtures. They are to die for. Glad you had a great trip! Love & blessings from NC!

  38. I am seriously jeaolus!!! It looks amazing...oh my word i would have gone shopping crazy!!

  39. I love checking in on you...thanks for sharing pics of the junk bonanza...I wasn't able to attend. 700 miles...you go Girl!!!!

  40. Oh my...I wish I could have been there! What great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  41. Great to "see" you Mary! Oh and that Junk Bonanza looks AMAZING!!!!

  42. YOU are as
    gorgeous on
    the outside
    as on the inside...
    What a pleasure
    to meet you and
    YES, you were
    even nicer than
    I expected you
    to be!!! Here's
    to next year....
    xx Suzanne

  43. Hey beautiful lady...just became a new follower, and am dissappointed I didn't get to meet you at the blogging party on Friday night. I wondered who that pretty girl was, and now I know who you are and what blog you are the owner of. Next year we'll have to be sure to meet. I was so busy in my booth this year, that it seems the only people I met were some at the blogging party. As vendors, we definitely miss out on a lot of the fun, getting to know people, but I guess that's the price we pay.
    Your photos are awesome, and so fun for me to see, as I didn't see any of this merchandise you've shared on your blog and I was at the show from noon on Wed-Sat night. :(
    Thanks for making the effort to come all that way to JB, and hopefully you'll want to come back next year.

  44. Thanks for taking good picture of Junk Bonanza. Not very many bloggers did. Looks like you had SO MUCH FUN!

  45. BTW, not too sure where you live, but I use to live in Batavia. LOVE Kane County Flea Market.

  46. I had to laugh at the portraits. Now all you have to do is post your GlamourShots and we'll be all set!

  47. jealous of your trip!!!
    i would love to go to that someday.
    everything looks so cool.
    you met a bunch of my blog favies too!

  48. Mary, I guess I'm right there with you on the farm house/cottage, industrial, coastal style. Can't put my finger on an exact style name, but who cares. I just love architectural and chippy mixed with galvanized, steel, etc. Love seeing your pictures from Bonanza, too. I never got out to see much as I was selling. But there was a ton of cool stuff there. Nice meeting you, too, at the blogger party. Hope to see you next year.

  49. Looks like a great place! Wish we had more things like this here in Norway... Love your blog, I've added you to my favourites ;) Have a great weekend!

  50. Oh my, that looks like 700 miles to spend time in pure paradise! I'm officially jealous. What a great time that was.

    And your photos are beautiful!

    Happy weekend, jj

  51. 1. I ADORE your style. Those lights! Yum.

    2. I'm with Becks - More photos of YOU! You are gorgeous.

  52. What a fun post. I really like those new ideas for hanging lights. Indeed, the aqua color is perfect for those frames. How lovely to join blogging friends. Lovely visit with coffee on a Saturday morning. Have a wonderful day ~ xox Alexandra

  53. Your photos of the Bonanza are beautiful! I should have taken more of the event.

  54. Hey Mary! We've been on twin junking/blog friending/traveling trips lately! I kept wondering if you were at Springfield, but I see you had plans elsewhere....now I want to visit Junk Bonanza myself. Glad you had fun - what better combo can there be....awesome, cruddy stuff and awesome, beautiful friends.

  55. Hey! Don't hide pics of YOU! You look so pretty & happy here! You should definitely add more pics of yourself more often on your blog! :)) I am so not a party girl either, heehee. I am trying to work photos of myself into my blog, but I am realizing that there needs to be about 20 pics taken of me before I get an ok/postable one! I really enjoyed your recap of the Junk Bonanza.. you got great shots! And I completely understand the coastal/farmhouse/bit of industr. look you mentioned.. it fits you well AND you coined it well! I'm off to Target for groceries now & maybe a stop at a country nursery. And nope, you didn't miss a redo on my son's room.. I'm painting misc. things white today (I hope!) -- I'm doing a totally different plan for his room now.. but I'm keeping it a surprise 'til it's done. ;) Sorry to write a novel.. take care Mary!

  56. Too cute... I'm not sure how I missed this post last week??? I don't post pictures of myself either..

    You're so lucky to have attended Junk Bonanza. One of these days I'm going to have to get out of my little corner of the world and check some of these mid-west shows out.