Tuesday, February 22, 2011

awww, THANKS Flea Market Style Mag!

So here is how the scenario played out at my house last night.

Allow me to set the stage for you.

It was about 6:30pm. I am laying on the couching, praying for an end to the head congestion that has some how followed my Influenza diagnosis from last weeked. My head is completly stuffed, I believe it has somehow morphed into a sinus infection at this point. I can only lay on the couch because sitting up makes me dizzy. I am bored and watching a DVR'd episode of "Who Do You Think You Are".

I reach over to check my email on my phone.

I see have one from my friend, Jo of Secret Garden Cottage fame. I click on it and read the first line..."Hey Mary I want to congratulate you on your mention in Flea Market Style Magazine." Of course, in my crazy mind, I immediately think, "Oh, Jo must have emailed the wrong Mary. She couldn't mean me. Silly Jo."

But as I read on...she says her and I are BOTH  mentioned in a category called "If You Swoon Over White" as a blog to follow. Ok, now my mind goes " SAAAAY WHAT?? ME???"...I do love white...maybe it wasn't just in my mind that I said this...I may have kinda sorta screamed it a little, because my dog did that funny head-tilt look thing he does when I say something outrageous and he is trying to figure out whats wrong and if I need medical attention...and my cat gave me that typical "annoyed meow" he does when something is about someone other than him, and  ran off the couch. 

 So I grab the phone and call my sister (she lives right next door, thank goodness!) and I scream into the phone all excited...WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW??? She knows my tone of voice and when she hears me like this, it ususally means there is something fabulous in the neighboor hood trash and we have to go get it RIGHT NOW!

She never fails me, and always gets just as excited right back at me and she says "I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING...WHERE ARE WE GOING??" See....she knows her little sister well.

(And yes, the capital letters are to indicate excitement in our voices. We get a little loud at times. Thats how we roll.)

Now at this point, I am acting as though I had just won the lottery or something...and I say "WE HAVE TO GO TO THE STORE RIGHT NOW! SOMEONE JUST TOLD ME MY BLOG IS MENTIONED IN FLEA MARKET STYLE MAGAZINE!"

She screams! I scream!

So in the pouring rain, and with a stuffed head, I back the car out, go next door to pick her up...and away we go.

We try the grocery store. Nada.

Next we go to Walgreens. Zip.

Next up...CVS. And they came through for us!! Thank you, CVS! We grab it like it is made of gold, turn to page 27 and there I am. Little 'ol me mentioned on just one teeny little line under the "If You Swoon Over White" category, just like Jo said.

And right between Rie from Home & Harmony and Jo from Secret Garden Cottage. Could I be in better company??? I don't think so! I *love* both of these fabulous girls!

I realize it was just a teeny tiny little mention of my blog. But it made me smile. Because I don't consider myself a "great blogger" and I sometimes wonder what in the world you fabulous girls find so interesting over here in the land of Urban Farmgirl. I am just a simple girl that likes simple things. Pretty things. Old things. And you couldn't be more right, Flea Market Style magazine...I do swoon over white!

Thank you for making this sick girl have a really fun night!

And congratulations to all the girls listed on pages 26 & 27 in the article "Its Ok To Be A Blog Follower". I am truly honored to have my name in just good company. I am not sure how it happened, but I am beyond humbled that it did.

Oh, and just because I am about to burst with even more over-the-top excitement...stay tuned...I have another little announcement coming in a week or two! This one made the whole neighborhood hear my sister and I squeal with anticipation and delight! (Yes, they all do think we are totally insane, but in a good way. I hope.)

Happy Tuesday, girls!

 I am off to photograph my weekend finds for an Etsy update! It was a fantastic shopping weekend, so be sure to check back tonight to see what goodies I found!