Monday, February 7, 2011

giveaway winners!!

I love Sundays.

Yesterday was one of the best! I traveled to my sister's farm...
spent the day cuddling and kissing the new little one..
and having a crazy amount of fun with her 3 older siblings!

It was loud.
It was chaos.
It was so much fun!!

While I was there I had a couple of the kiddos help me draw the names of the winners for the "weight" and
"boy/girl" portions of my giveaway.

So lets get right to it, shall we?? I need a day of rest after all that excitement!

We had a 6-way tie for the winner of the "weight" portion of the contest...
so I had my handsome nephew Anthony draw a name for the winner!

Congratulations, Sandy from A Cottage Muse!
You won the $25 Target gift card

(Oh, and just so you know we used the most official method of drawing the winners names. We cut out all the comments that were correct or from those that blogged about my giveaway, folded them up and drew one from the extra-special, VERY official pink sequined, glitter case my niece Erin covets. Oh, and yes...she insisted on busting out her halloween cat ears for the special event? We all need to get a little crazy once in a while, right?)

Drumroll please................

The winner of the $50 Target gift card for correctly guessing the baby was going to be a GIRL goes to.......


Email me girls, so I can get your prizes on their way!

Oh, and just in case a few of you need your baby fix for the day....

Happy Monday, girls!