Friday, February 18, 2011

tap, tap, this thing on??

We have entered day #7 of this wicked flu.


That's all I can say.

It feels like it has been 7 weeks more than 7 days. I have missed reading all your posts and even getting a few planned ones up of my own.


I guess there is always next week.

In between nap, pills and kleenex...I am trying to be productive.

I've gone through stacks of old idea really what I put in that 'shred' pile. I hope when I sit down with my accountant I find cleaning my office in a Tamiflu haze wasn't a terrible idea. I have finally decided on the "feel" I want my home office to have when I give it a little facelift in a few weeks. Simple, bright and happy.

My plan involves this rug...or something similar. I am dying to know if anyone out there has seen on like it? I have tried to source it through Coast Living, but no luck yet.

The second thing I am looking for is a chaise with a white slipcover. My first thought of course was Ikea, and I *LOVE* this one, but can't help but wonder if it would be cozier with arms?? This is going to be a curl up and read a magazine...maybe watch a little TV kinda chaise. I just wish it had arms...hmmm...thoughts? Does anyone out there have this one? It is part of the Ektorp collection, and I know many of you have their sofas.

I did find that Ikea offers a one-arm version. It just seems maybe a little awkward? On one hand I like it, and think a small pillow or two would be cute propped on the arm side, but then when I look at it longer, it just looks like it belongs at the end of a sectional. I was surprised when I called the Ikea near me and she said it is quite popular just as a chaise.

I would love to hear your opinion girls, so lets have it!

I am going to attempt to venture out of the house today, so wish me luck! I am experiencing thrift-store withdrawls and it is killing me to wonder what I am missing! Tomorrow I am gearing up for an all-day photo session at my warehouse with some of my painted furniture. I hope I have the energy to make it!

Happy Weekend, girls!

I hope where ever you are, it is going to be a beautiful one! Its going to be 47 here, and that is a heat wave! I will take all the sunshine I can get!