Friday, February 18, 2011

tap, tap, this thing on??

We have entered day #7 of this wicked flu.


That's all I can say.

It feels like it has been 7 weeks more than 7 days. I have missed reading all your posts and even getting a few planned ones up of my own.


I guess there is always next week.

In between nap, pills and kleenex...I am trying to be productive.

I've gone through stacks of old idea really what I put in that 'shred' pile. I hope when I sit down with my accountant I find cleaning my office in a Tamiflu haze wasn't a terrible idea. I have finally decided on the "feel" I want my home office to have when I give it a little facelift in a few weeks. Simple, bright and happy.

My plan involves this rug...or something similar. I am dying to know if anyone out there has seen on like it? I have tried to source it through Coast Living, but no luck yet.

The second thing I am looking for is a chaise with a white slipcover. My first thought of course was Ikea, and I *LOVE* this one, but can't help but wonder if it would be cozier with arms?? This is going to be a curl up and read a magazine...maybe watch a little TV kinda chaise. I just wish it had arms...hmmm...thoughts? Does anyone out there have this one? It is part of the Ektorp collection, and I know many of you have their sofas.

I did find that Ikea offers a one-arm version. It just seems maybe a little awkward? On one hand I like it, and think a small pillow or two would be cute propped on the arm side, but then when I look at it longer, it just looks like it belongs at the end of a sectional. I was surprised when I called the Ikea near me and she said it is quite popular just as a chaise.

I would love to hear your opinion girls, so lets have it!

I am going to attempt to venture out of the house today, so wish me luck! I am experiencing thrift-store withdrawls and it is killing me to wonder what I am missing! Tomorrow I am gearing up for an all-day photo session at my warehouse with some of my painted furniture. I hope I have the energy to make it!

Happy Weekend, girls!

I hope where ever you are, it is going to be a beautiful one! Its going to be 47 here, and that is a heat wave! I will take all the sunshine I can get!


  1. I like the one-armed chaise. I think with a pillow in the corner like you said, and a little side table on the other side, it would be perfectly adorable. And you can't beat Ikea's prices.

  2. Wow! I have been on the look for a rug similar to that one! I'm looking for some sort of cotton rug with white and aqua/bluish tones. I'd love to hear if you find one and I'll let you know if I find one. My only problem is finding one large enough!

  3. tap tap...that is too funny!!
    hope you fell 100% very soon!

    ok..i LOVE my ektorp pieces. we have several.
    i thought about the chaise & had the same thoughts as you.

    i guess it would depend mainly on where it sits.
    if it's in a corner area , i think the one with the arm rest looks great.
    but i think you'd still be comfy even on the one without.
    good luck
    feel better really quick
    ...she says as she leans on her ektorp chair armrest :)

  4. Get better soon! Perhaps getting out of the house and getting some sunshine and fresh air will the chaise without the arms...saw those at IKEA on my last visit! Love the photo!

  5. wow, that is some flu! here's a similar I bookmarked the other day for my kitchen

  6. Tap tap tap...hope you are feeling better ugh! Yes You HAVE t do this cruise! Crazy expensive but worth it! Next time you are in Orlando let me know...we will cook dinner for your fam:)

  7. I don't have any of that stuff, Mary...sorry!!!
    But what I DO have is get well wishes for you, my friend!

    I love that rug, though. That's a keeper.

    Oh, and I love that you saw Helen and Ellen, too! Weren't they the best? Just wanted to scoop 'em up and hug 'em til they popped!

    Take it easy, girl!


  8. OMG...sorry you are sick but the comment about thrift store withdrawal is too funny!! I can relate - I try to stay away but after a few days I HAVE to go!!
    Love the chaise from IKEA.

    Hope you are better soon!

  9. You should check out Macy's chaise lounges...I didn't see a white one...but there are some affordable options with two arms.

  10. Hi Mary,
    I am so sorry you have had that darn flu!! I'm sending you lots of well thoughts and hope you'll be back to your old self soon!
    I have the Ektorp sofa and I love it. The armless chase is cute, but 'd feel like I'd fall off. I would go with the one armed version. At least you'd have one corner to lean against! And you definitely can not beat the price!!
    Have a great day.

  11. i like the one arm chaise too.
    have you tried dash and albert rugs?
    I think it's
    I just ordered a bunch from there and LOVE them , good luck!
    d e n i s e

  12. I was going to suggest Dash and Albert too....
    Get well soon.

  13. Definitely, the one arm chaise! I think that'd be much more comfortable! I so hope you get to feeling better soon! Loved your comment about the Tamiflu induced haze! :)

  14. hope you kick that flu, like, TODAY! sorry you have felt so sure is the worst. can you believe these warm days we've had?! all the snow is gone!!! i know Dash & Albert has rugs like the one you showed. they are a flat, thin, cotton...not sure if you want one more cushy. Check out the Dash & Albert website...lots of striped patterns. have a great shoot this weekend and Happy Thrifting!

  15. I HAVE IT... the armless one from Ikea.

    I'm iffy on it. It was a great price but it's long.... and it isn't that comfy at the seat where it meets the back. sorftof dips....

    I have seen their one arm version and it looks like captain hook... missing something, lol

    It's worth the money but not a great piece in my opinion. I do like their sofas.. I have the Ektorp and the loveseat... I'd give those a 7...

    I'd give the chaise a 5

  16. I have definitely seen rugs like that through Dash and Albert! Check them out :)

  17. If I didn't have the arm on a chair I'd slump straight onto the rug - I don't see how you can curl up and read without one.

    I once had two one-armed chaises mirror image in a room, and it looked unbearably seductive. Traditional, too.

  18. sorry you are still feeling daughter is sick today. hope the warm air makes you feel better! enjoy the weekend! susan

  19. Dash and Albert sells a rug that's similar to that (I'm getting one for my hallway, as a matter of fact.) The stripes are wider but the color palette is the same.

    And this one is sort of similar in feel as well:

  20. i would have to have arms.....

  21. That is a great rug! Why are the good ones so HARD to find? Good luck!!

    Hope you feel better soon, can't wait to see all your furniture you've been working on, I wish I lived in your area :)


  22. Stick with your gut feeling and get the two arms. I think more cozy and comfortable in the long run. Keeeps you in place if you fall asleep.

  23. Hi Mary, Dash and Alberts new Yacht Stripe in Ocean is very similar. I think the one arm chaise looks a bit unbalanced. I much prefer the chaise with no arms.

    I do hope you feel better and can take advantage of this warm weather that has come in.

  24. love the one arm and the pillow to cozy it up. That rug looks so familiar, I know I have seen it before, but where....let me think and I will get back to ya.
    OH do enjoy your trip out to the thrift shops.
    I know exactly how you feel, i start to itch when I don't go every week.
    Have fun as best you can, get well soon

  25. I hope you are feeling better soon! I love the Ektorp line, especially the sectional. I have seen it 3 times on craigslist in our large metro area, so when I am ready to buy, that is where I will look first. As mentioned above, Dash and Albert could be where to look for your dream rug. However, you may actually want to consider an indoor-outdoor rug of theirs. It has a bit more heft and still looks beautiful. The all-cotton ones fly all over the place!

  26. Hello,

    Pretty picture! Hope you feel better soon. I would check out Dash & Albert rugs. Also CSN website carries Dash & Albert rugs too and they are usually on sale. I like arms on my couch or chair. I like leaning on the arm to read my favorite books/magazines. Love the lamps in the picture too.. take care.

  27. Sorry to hear that you've been sick, Mary! Hope you feel better soon!!

  28. So sorry you still are not feeling well. I had a flu like virus this month and it hung around forever. I hope you fell better very soon!

    A chaise sounds so yummy for lounging and reading. I don't think the one armed version from Ikea would look weird once it was in your home and had a blanket draped on it.

  29. Glad to hear you are getting a little better. I still have this cough- 7 weeks later! I vote for 2 arms. Keep looking. Judy and I are hitting the road in Iowa tomorrow to gather for the first Kane. I have been making a few crazy things here...can't WAIT for Spring Break- the girls and I are stying downtown Chicago and doing some shopping and EATING!

  30. I do not like chairs with no arms. I know someone with something similar and I hate sitting in it! But I think the 1 arm is cute! Get better soon!

  31. I separated my sectional into two pieces and LOVE it. You don't miss the other side of the chaise to rest your arm. I think you see the overall look (read: cozy) and it works.
    Enjoy! And feel better.

  32. Yuck! hope you feel better so soon! And I think that 2 arms are better than one... you are right... it will be cozier. Love that rug.... and the Dash and Albert line :)

  33. It seems to me that the one arm version gives you the best of both world...a corner to snuggle into and yet easy to get up and down from it.

    I love the rug!

    Wishing you well,

  34. I hope you have tons of energy tomorrow and feel so much better than today.

    Take care and don't do too much too soon...

  35. Hope you feel better after your outing, sometimes you just need some fresh air! Dash and Albert seems to be your best bet for the rug. As for the chaise, I'm with you re: the one-armed thing but i think it may be more comfortable than an armless one.
    Take care Mary!

  36. I'm with you on the one-armed bandit. I think it'd be worth it to wait and see what else pops up!

    Feel better, Sister Friend. :)

  37. I like the chaise without the arms better. For the money you can't beat IKEA.

  38. The flu just blew through our house, luckily it seems to last a good 2 days, and then was done. I've been feeling unusually tired though since, so I'm thinking I'm still on the mend. Hope you feel better soon!

    I would opt for the one-armed version... I like the comfort aspect of curling up in the corner.

  39. Feel better soon! Drink lots of tea with honey! I like the one-armed one, good for reading!

  40. Okay, it does look like it's missing an arm, but once you pile pillows and a throw on it it will be super cosy and practical, and just the place to snuggle up and get over that flu!

  41. Feel better! I get a flu shot every year, being in a hospital setting, but I did get it the year that the shot didn't cover it- SICK!! We recently hd the norovirus going around, it was brutal to have a 7 y.o. throw up for 10 hours... Love the chairs, but the one armed... not so sure. Maybe an oversized chair with an ottoman- what do they call them?- 1 1/2 chair. IDK, good luck.

  42. I have the big comfy Ektorp chair and ottoman turned sideways, pushed up against the chair so it's like a chaise lounge...could never be happy with no or 1 armed chaise.

    Good luck!

  43. I am in love with that slipcovered sofa and pillows! I like the chaise but it is a comfort preference as far as having arms or not!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  44. Hope you are feeling better soon! If you can't find that rug, just stripe one with fabric paint. It would be way cheaper to find a chenille one or a sisal rug and do that.

  45. get well soon!
    sweet weekend!

  46. I like the chaise with no arms the best!! With a nice throw and some cool pillows...perfect!!
    Hope you feel better real soon!!

  47. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been under the weather for a whole week! I hope you start to bounce back soon!

    As for the one-armed IKEA chaise, I've got 2 of them side by side with a wooden "stump" table between them in my living room and we LOVE them!!! The arm is crucial for cuddling against when watching TV. :)

    See my post about them here:

  48. So I saw your rug and immediately thought Dash and Albert (I have my eye on a rug over there) but apparently so did everyone else! Love it--good luck! And I hope you feel better soon. We just got over something similar at our house.

  49. Our daughter has the one with no arms and LOVES it. She also has the mathcing ottoman. They were having a sale on the covers so she bought a black and white stipped one also. Great BuY!!
    I think you will like it. MJ

  50. I'm a new follower, I luv your blog...sniffles and all!!!
    Get well wishes for your family! :)

  51. Hi I have tried these chairs and the one with the two arms is hard to get up from. I think thats why they redesigned it with only one arm. I think that cvs store has a rug similar to the one you are looking for also.

  52. Hi Mary!
    I found a chaise on Craigslist with two arms. It is not white but Im sure you can have a slipcover made or find one. Here is the link:

  53. Feel better, Mary!
    At this moment, I am curled up and leaning on one arm with my feet pressed against the other. I guess that means I'm a two arms kind of girl! Finding the perfect furniture is hard work. Rugs and lampshades are even harder!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  54. I bought my Stripped rug from Aspen Carpet Designs,, all inspired by the movie "Somethings Gotta Give back in 2009. I absolutely love it. They have different colored stripes. Good Luck
    Feels Like Home to me.

  55. UUGGHH. Nasty stuff that flu. Hope you are all better soon.
    when you have a chance could you answer a question I have? I'm remembering someone having a new white paint favorite. And I was thining it was you?? And that it was Benjamin Moore's 'chantilly lace'? Can you help me out?
    You said (if it was you!!) that it was warm without being cream. I'd like to try it out!
    Thank you!

  56. love that rug, too! it is the inspiration for our next family room (moving this summer). here are a few that i'm loving: