Sunday, April 17, 2011

take an 'urban journey' and win $175!

Happy Sunday, girls!

I am off to a farm auction this morning...those are the BEST! I love mixing in with all the farmers, they are the salt of the earth and I love my Sunday morning 'mixers' with them. They offer to load my me hot chocolate when its cold...all the while laughing at the things I buy. I just play the 'silly girl that doesn't know what she is doing role' they seem to love so much and walk away with some AMAZING things. Do you go to auctions? I hear a lot of women are intimidated...maybe I should do a post on it. Hmmm...

Anyway...the real reason for today's post is to spread the love of my friend Jen Rizzo's spring collection over in her Etsy shop. Have you seen her flip-book showcasing her spring line?? AMAZING...AMAZING...AMAZING! Do you get that I love it? Just a little?

You MUST click over to her blog...I'll even give you the link at the end of this post...she is one uber-talented girl! I am slightly jealous of her creative...AND photography skills.

Oh, AND she is having a giveaway in her Etsy shop. Not just 'a giveaway'...a $175 giveaway to her Etsy shop!!

Isn't she the most generous girl out there? Love her.

(all photos property of Jennifer Rizzo)

So go on...pop over to her blog HERE...check out the AMAZING collection of photographs in her flip book and enter her giveaway! It ends HURRY!

Speaking of being in a hurry...there is an auction waiting for me. Maybe I'll keep you posted about how its going on Twitter. Stop by and see what goodies I find!


  1. I've been to a couple of farm auctions in the area that I hail from (very small town IA) and there is a ton of fantastic stuff! I love those good ole boys. :)
    Your friend's collection is amazing and totally inspiring.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. I love going to auctions. It's one of my favorite things to do, Spend a summer day snatching up "treasures"

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE auctions ~ hubby and I go all the time. I'll pop by and see your friend now ~ Happy Sunday ;-)

  4. Mary how exciting, thank you so much, off I go!!

    Come and enter my fashionable giveaway from The French Basketeer!

    Art by Karena

  5. I love the giveaway! I do love auctions and wish I had more time for them.

  6. I learned a great deal from those guys when I first got started. They thought it was "cute" that I was trying to be a dealer. Funny, now they ask my opinion. I guess I'm in.

  7. I love going to auctions, always a great mix of people.

    I am dying for that Whatever verse painting, I have the perfect spot for it.

    Love your beautiful friends shop, she has everything my style! Would love this fabulous giveaway!

  9. When I had my shop I went to a weekly auction and became friends with all the old junkers. Loved it. I miss it at times. Since then the auction isn't held, the auctioneer went to jail for bad check writing! haha I got truck loads of awesome stuff every week. Awesome and so much fun. I haven't been to one since last fall. The season has started though, I better get my papers out and get to looking!

  10. You rock lady, thanks for posting!!!! :)

  11. I use to love to go to farm auctions! So much fun and some great deals! And always many helping hands to help with loading the treasures!
    Good food too! Always good food!! Ha!!!

  12. It's been years since I've been to an auction. I'd love to go to another and will have to look in my area for one. Good idea to post about them, though. Have a lovely week.

  13. I've always wanted to go to an auction and estate sale... just have yet to get myself to do it. :o)

    It's on my bucket list for sure. :o)

  14. jen's collection is lovely! i went to my first auction this week. i didn't see much that i wanted but it was fun to check it out! susan

  15. Auctions... hehe... I've been to a couple in my lifetime! My dad and grandfather are auctioneers. As a plus, we live in Darke County Ohio. I'm honestly not sure it gets any more farmlike anywhere. Everyone there is farmers! And of course growing up in it, I have all kinds of older auction regulars that love to treat me to the warm beverage on cold days as well! I love it! My dad is getting out of it (he holds a full time job as an electrician) and grandpa is getting up there in age, and slowing down. It's quite sad!
    And... I must confess! I had a nearly full time job in an office all last year and was able to attend maybe 2. This year, I hope that changes!

  16. The farm auction sounds fun! Your friend sure is talented. Lovely pieces.

  17. I need an auction tutorial, Mary! I went to one years ago, and didn't have a clue what to do. Totally out of my element.
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!