Sunday, April 17, 2011

take an 'urban journey' and win $175!

Happy Sunday, girls!

I am off to a farm auction this morning...those are the BEST! I love mixing in with all the farmers, they are the salt of the earth and I love my Sunday morning 'mixers' with them. They offer to load my me hot chocolate when its cold...all the while laughing at the things I buy. I just play the 'silly girl that doesn't know what she is doing role' they seem to love so much and walk away with some AMAZING things. Do you go to auctions? I hear a lot of women are intimidated...maybe I should do a post on it. Hmmm...

Anyway...the real reason for today's post is to spread the love of my friend Jen Rizzo's spring collection over in her Etsy shop. Have you seen her flip-book showcasing her spring line?? AMAZING...AMAZING...AMAZING! Do you get that I love it? Just a little?

You MUST click over to her blog...I'll even give you the link at the end of this post...she is one uber-talented girl! I am slightly jealous of her creative...AND photography skills.

Oh, AND she is having a giveaway in her Etsy shop. Not just 'a giveaway'...a $175 giveaway to her Etsy shop!!

Isn't she the most generous girl out there? Love her.

(all photos property of Jennifer Rizzo)

So go on...pop over to her blog HERE...check out the AMAZING collection of photographs in her flip book and enter her giveaway! It ends HURRY!

Speaking of being in a hurry...there is an auction waiting for me. Maybe I'll keep you posted about how its going on Twitter. Stop by and see what goodies I find!