Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm baaaack!

Did you miss me??

Please just say YES so I feel better, ok?

Whew...its been quite a week, let me tell ya! Ok, its actually been almost 2 weeks since I have posted, but I have a good excuse. I have my first "show" at the end of the month. You know the ones I talk about, at the flea market outside Chicago where I sell my painted furniture. Well, I have been BURIED under a pile of furniture for a couple of weeks, and have finally painted my way out. One would think I was  painting all winter, so I don't have to cram like I do EVERY spring, but apparently that is just not my style. I work well under pressure...thank goodness! I devoted my winter to Etsy selling, so there was just no time left for furniture. Or at least that is my excuse. (wink...wink...)

Not only have I been painting, but I'm in the middle of moving into more space at my warehouse. I officially have 4,000 square feet that is organized and ready for my painting pleasure.


Gone are the days where a new pair of shoes or jewelry make me happy. Now all it takes to make this girl smiles is wide open space in a big old building. What has happened to me??

For years I have had just under 2,000 square feet, which I know sounds like a lot...but once you pile in 412 beds, 673 dressers, 212 nightstands and truckloads of other gets a little...well...cluttered. The numbers there are totally exaggerated, but if you saw my space these last few months, you would think I had that many. It was a mess. I was totally overwhelmed, and I desperately needed more space to organize everything so I could work more efficently.

I get a lot of emails asking me to post photos of my warehouse where I do my painting, and I am a little torn on that idea. On one hand, I could show you what it takes for me to store, prep, paint and finish all the furniture I sell....but on the other hand, it would be just plain ugly in photos. But we will see...maybe I can show you snippets of my space.

Once I start moving in today, I can breathe a sigh of relief and hope that my husband will finally take the Sanford and Son ring tone he has so {lovingly} assigned to his phone. You read that right. SANFORD AND SON. Remember that show from the early 80s?? Ugh. If you do, than you totally get it. Fred Sanford had a junkyard. Sure...I pick a couple of good things out of a neighbors trash, and I get labeled for life. Geesh! But I have to admit, doing what I do, you accumulate a lot of "stuff". But, I could just die when I think about what people must think when I call him. Oh, he thinks he is soooo funny!

I will be back tomorrow with another little post about my Minnesota trip. So many of you asked me to name names and tell what little towns and shops I like to stop in along my route from IL to MN, so I will do just that...and let you know who won the little contest I had before I left. 

Just a note to my local peeps that are looking for specific pieces of painted furniture...emails are already starting to roll in asking what I am bringing to the the April 30th - May 1st show at the Kane County Flea Market. I will try to do a photo preview before I load my trucks for that weekend, so keep watching. But, if there is a specific piece you need, do send me an email. I will do my best to respond with photos to you directly before the show.

(photos in this post were taken at my shows last year, everything shown in the photos has already been sold)

The hubs is making breakfast for me this morning....and it smells soooo good, so I am signing off!

Happy Sunday, girls!