Monday, March 28, 2011

minnesota roadtrip finds...

Whew! What a weekend it was!

I had 2 whirlwind days of driving...junking...singing...and I loved every single minute of it!

To me, there is something soothing to the soul to get in the car and take a roadtrip. I stopped off in some great little towns to see what goodies I could find for Etsy...and of course found a few things for me, too.

From my last post, we all know by now the highlight of my trip was getting to spend the evening with Mr. Kenny Chesney...he rocked our socks off! It was some serious fun, and I can't wait to see him again in May! I was hoping to meet up with Jill at the concert, but my running late because of traffic combined with Kenny deciding to play an hour and a half longer than just didn't work out. That made me sad, because too soon she will be off to Portland.

*sigh*...there is just never enough time...

I had some great finds this weekend. I will be loading the Etsy store throughout the week, but I wanted to show you some "big" things that caught my fancy, too! I used my old point-and-shoot camera this weekend, so my apologies for my pics not being the best. But still, there was some gorgeous eye candy along the road and I just had to show you!

First up, an antique European armoire that I fell in *LOVE* with. The price was unbelievable! I am seriously thinking about going back up and buying this old girl for my dining room.

I have always had a love for old, raw pine wood. It reminds me of driftwood.

This is another piece that made me freak out a little...look at all those drawers!! It was a seed cabinet back in the day. I saw one recently at an antique mall for $3500. This beauty was just $400...kicking myself already for not buying it for my studio space.

 * sigh *

I am seriously considering this old factory table for my kitchen island. I am crazy about the galvanized legs..and the top is solid wood butcher block. I am not sure if old wood is a good choice for a kitchen top. I am going to do a little research and see if I can clean and seal it somehow, yet retain the natural look.

I just thought this chandi was so cute! I would lose the shades, but I love the simplicity and the touch of aqua.

I went to a architectural salvage store and as ususal got lost in the "door room" for quite a while. I have a thing for old doors...and this one caught my eye. Wouldn't it be fabulous on a barn door track??

No words needed here...all those baskets will speak for me.

And lastly...another cabinet just calling my name.

I came home and the first thing I told me husband was...

"We are moving. I need a bigger house."

And in a style all his own, my big, strapping hunk of husband simply said...


Love that man.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I am off to work on my guest room a little today. It has been a long time coming, but I hope to be able to share some exciting news on what has been going on with the Urban Plains Project! I am about to bust with excitement!

Happy Monday!