Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I will no longer be anti-social...

I am so happy I did my last post on your opinion of 'social-networking'!

You girls lets is all out, and I am sooooo grateful!

First...lets talk Facebook.

The overwhelming majority of you thought Facebook was the way to go for my business, and I can't agree more! Althought I admit, it is another thing on the 'to-do' list...but I think it will actually make my life easier. It can condense 30 or 40 pre-show emails regarding what I will be bringing to that show, down to once nice and neat place where my clients can visit to see the lastest and greatest in my painted furniture. Call me crazy, but that seems so much easier than returning all those individual emalis and phone calls. Not that I don't want to be more personally in touch with my clients, but I simply don't have the time a week before a show. Usually I can be found in total freak-out mode trying to get 100 pieces of furniture prettied and ready for sale and all packed in a couple of really big moving trucks.

So coming soon to a blog near you...the Urban Farmgirl Facebook page.

Ok, who out there has a business page and wants to answer a few questions on setting one up?? Raise your hand...or just email me. I will be eternally grateful for some first-hand info!

Now on to the subject of Twitter.

The results for this one were not so surprising to me. Just as many of you that loved Facebook, REALLY dislike Twitter. And I totally get it. I have been on Twitter for a little while now, and I read sometimes...but hardly ever post. I just can't get the feel for it. On one hand, it does allow my customers and readers to get to know me on a personal level, and once in a while there is something in my day that just seems way to ridiculous and hilarious to not let the world know...but in the big picture...I will not be announcing on Twitter where I am eating lunch or the fact that I am shopping at Target for the 8,167th time that week. Simply is just not me.

So, the verdict here is that I will maintain my Twitter account, which is UrbanFarmgirlCo for those of you that want to follow along. I will post when I am featured in an Etsy treasury, or when I just feel I have something to say. I admit, once in a while when I am out junking I find that piece that makes the Heavens part and angels sing, and I just gotta let someone know about it! During Flea season, I will post a few photos of some extra-fabulous furniture pieces before the gates open, so customers can get a quick preview. Will this make the stampede worse or better when the gates fling open? I am not sure, but at least it will satisfy the curiosity of whats going on behind the gates and what I have to offer when they run in! But I will not be a slave to the Twitter button on my phone. That's just not how I roll.


Now, on to more exciting things!

(oh, and the photos have absolultely nothing to do with this post...I just thought they were so beautiful and I am totally spring-obsessed at the moment)

- I am writing a post for a FABULOUS giveaway starting tomorrow!!

- Remember the Urban Plains guest room project?? Well, it has officially started, and I have a barn going up in my guest room today. Yes, a BARN. And its not what you are probably does not involve barn siding. It is something else that is going to be spectacular...I hope. Stay tuned for details.

- Regarding the delay on the "Urban Plains" project...I have EXCITING NEWS!!! But, I can't share just yet. Soon, very soon...within the next 2 weeks. I will let you know why the project didn't happen when we first posted about it. Ooooh...I am about to bust and spill the beans, so I better sign off now.

Happy Wednesday, girls!